Internet Celebrity Attacked by Unknown Person|網紅蔡阿嘎騎車載孕妻 遭不明人士攻擊

Aga Tsai, an internet celebrity in Taiwan, was attacked by an unknown person while riding a scooter with his wife. Both him and his wife fell off the bike as a result. Tsai published the video immediately after the incident.

Something's happened. Do you guys see the tumbled motorcycle over there? I was out with my wife to do some shopping, and an unknown person approached us from behind and attacked us with a hammer. I'm not kidding. He first attacked my wife, just punched her. And then he hit my foot twice with the hammer and ran off in that direction.

The attack took place around 4pm on March 3. A person dressed in black with a face mask attacked Aga Tsai and his wife while they were waiting at a traffic light. The assailant ran off after the attack. The police has published security footage of the incident. Tsai himself suffered wounds on his knees and hands, and his pregnant wife suffered uterine contractions due to the shock of the incident. However, both of them were found be okay after they were hospitalized. There have been rumors that the attack was caused by Tsai's financial dispute with another company. Tsai's agency has issued a statement to reject the rumor and said that they have called the police for the matter.

網紅 蔡阿嘎:「發生事情了,發生事情了,有看到摩托車倒在那邊嗎?剛剛我和二伯(蔡阿嘎太太),要出去買東西,後面有一個人過來,拿了鐵錘攻擊我跟二伯,沒有在開玩笑,他先,不知道是用打的,還是用鐵鎚,直接揍了二伯一拳,然後用鐵鎚,砸了兩下我的腳,然後人就跑走了,往後方跑走了。」


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