Quarantine Begins for Returning Students at University|中山大學提早入境港澳生 1人1室隔離

New regulations for the entry of Hong Kong and Macau nationals into Taiwan took effect today. As a result, numerous Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign students moved up their return to Taiwan, although they will still have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. National Sun Yat-sen University prepared a dormitory for this purpose.

Staff members wearing protective gear deliver breakfast to the rooms where Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign students are undergoing quarantine. Once the delivery is complete, the boxes that held the food and the staff members all undergo disinfection. This was the scene at a National Sun Yat-sen University dormitory that usually accommodates 240 students. It was rearranged to allow up to 60 students to undergo quarantine, with one person per room. At present, there are 25 students inside the dormitory.

At present, there are 25 students living inside our quarantine center dormitory. However, what is worth noting is that the majority of our Hong Kong and foreign students have not yet entered the country. The majority will arrive in a few days' time. There are 22 foreign students arriving. As they are transiting through Hong Kong, they need to undergo quarantine.

The university said it is conforming to the government's decree that all Hong Kong and Macau nationals are banned from entering Taiwan starting on Feb. 11 with the exception of people on business contracts; international employees transferred to Taiwan; and residents of Hong Kong and Macau who hold Taiwan resident permits, their spouses, and minor children. Hong Kong, Macau, and foreign students moved up their return to Taiwan to complete the quarantine before Feb. 27, when the new school semester will start.

The Office of International Affairs must be on standby 24 hours a day and maintain contact with these Chinese, foreign, Hong Kong, Macau, overseas Chinese, and exchange students in order to know when they are returning. Only by knowing these names will we know how many rooms to prepare for quarantine. This here is the most difficult problem for universities.

The dormitory will be disinfected and reused once the quarantine period is over. National Kaohsiung Normal University and I-Shou University have also made preparations for a one person to a room quarantine. The three universities will provide distance learning resources or relax registration regulations for those students who are unable to return in time to lower the impact on their education.


中山大學學務長 楊靜利表示:「目前總共有25名同學,是住在我們的檢疫宿舍,那麼最主要的話,都是香港


中山大學副校長 黃義佑表示:「國際處必須要24小時待命,跟這些陸生、外籍生、港澳生、僑生、交換生持續聯繫,才能知道這些學生,哪時候要回來,掌握到這些名單,我們才能去決定,我要準備幾間檢疫宿舍,所以這個對各大學來講,最難的地方在這裡。」