Han, KMT Exposes DPP for Falsehood and Manipulating Opinions|韓辦批蔡經濟數字膨風 能源政策錯誤

Jake Chen
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The three presidential candidates engaged in another fierce debates during the second televised policy presentation. After the session concluded, the campaign office of KMT's Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu held a press conference and criticized the Tsai administration. Meanwhile, those who look to remove Han as Kaohsiung mayor have made the next move.

The campaign office of KMT Presidential Candidate Han Kuo-yu held a press conference on Dec. 26, during which they criticized the Tsai administration for inflating economic figures and implementing the wrong energy policies.

While the starting wage has seen upward adjustment, the cost for food has increased every single year (during Tsai's tenure). The average regular earning in 2003 was NT$40,893, it becomes NT$40,763 in 2019, which is a dip of NT$130.

The investment was used to purchase land and factories. It has nothing to do with employment. They (the DPP) said that investing NT$700 billion could generate over 50,000 jobs. However, the unemployment rate has not seen any change so far.

After the televised policy presentation, Han Kuo-yu published a Facebook post, in which he said the movement to remove him from the position of Kaohsiung mayor started less than two months after he took office. Han named former politicians serving under Secretary-General Chen Chu, saying they are the ones instigating the movement and that they are also planning to orchestrate movements to remove Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je. There have also been rumors that factions within the ruling DPP have been preparing a new candidate to run for Kaohsiung mayor. Han said these factions are exhausting the resources from within Taiwan, and that they are under the direct command of President Tsai Ing-wen.

On the other hand, those who look to remove Han as Kaohsiung mayor have made the next move. Three groups collectively handed in 30,000 signatures to the Central Election Commission (CEC) on December 26.

Sending in the signatures is just phase one. After our proposal passes the review, we will enter phase two and collect more signatures.

One of the anti-Han Kuo-yu organizations, Citizens Mowing Action, has published their timetable estimating the CEC might announce a referendum date for removing Han in 170 days. Han's camp office responded by saying they did not follow the legal procedure in submitting the signatures, and he called on the CEC to remain impartial on dealing with the matter. The KMT has drawn attention to DPP's manipulation of public opinions on the internet and has exposed that Deep Pocket Marketing, a private firm, has reported their plans to manipulate online opinions directly to President Tsai Ing-wen. Their actions have included manipulating online discussions and attacking the opposition KMT.


韓國瑜辦公室發言人 鄭照新表示:「基本工資調漲,餐飲卻年年漲價,2003年經常性薪資是40,893元,到了2019年卻是40,763元,換言之還倒退了130塊。」

韓國瑜國政顧問團經濟組召集人 林祖嘉表示:「(資金)是去買土地、買廠房,跟我們的就業,事實上是沒有任何的關係,他們說七千億可以創造,五萬多個就業機會,但是到目前為止,我們的失業率其實完全沒有改變。」



"Wecare高雄"發起人 尹立表示:「我們今天是提送第一階段的連署提議書,審核通過之後,我們將進入第二階段的連署。」

罷韓團體「公民割草行動」發出時程表,推算如果行動順利,約170天後可公告罷韓的投票日。韓辦回應,罷韓連署偷跑不合法 盼中選會勿受黨派影響。國民黨26號仍緊追民進黨網軍議題,再爆民進黨「二代網軍」,點名深口袋行銷公司,曾親自向蔡總統報告網軍計畫,專門在社群平台帶風向,攻擊國民黨。