Soong Expresses Concerns Over Pro-, Anti-Han Rallies|憂心挺韓罷韓遊行 宋楚瑜形容像火車對撞

People First Party presidential candidate James Soong campaigned in Yunlin and Chiayi on Dec. 20. Both a demonstration calling for the removal of Han Kuo-yu and a rally in support of him are scheduled to be held in Kaohsiung on Dec. 21. Soong expressed concerns over this situation, describing it as trains on the verge of colliding. He said the two other presidential candidates should use their influence to ensure that no major incidents occur so that Taiwan's democracy will not be humiliated.

I'm concerned that two trains will collide tomorrow. Yesterday, an American Institute in Taiwan section chief called on me, and I made a point of mentioning that Taiwan's democracy has always served as a model for all the democratic countries in the world. Blood has never been shed, and our elections have always been very peaceful. I hope there won't be any collisions tomorrow, I hope that elections won't become bloody tomorrow, resulting in humiliation for Taiwan. We need to cherish the value of Taiwan's democracy and freedom, and we really need to cherish the rationality with which our elections are held. Elections depend on communicating with grassroots levels to have everyone resolve the problems they bring to our attention.

Soong campaigned at a sheltered workshop for rehabilitated youths in Yunlin on Dec. 20 and chatted with various organizations. He not only expressed his concerns over the events scheduled to take place on Dec. 21 in Kaohsiung, saying he hopes there won't be violent clashes between Han supporters and opponents, but also criticized the Democratic Progressive Party's efforts to pass an anti-infiltration bill by force. He asked how two million Taiwan businesspersons will be able to prove their innocence once this bill becomes law and warned that people should be careful about things they aren't able to do.

親民黨總統候選人 宋楚瑜表示:「我關心的,明天兩輛火車要對撞,昨天我跟美國的在台協會的處長,他來看我,我特別的提到,就是台灣民主過去從來是全世界民主國家的楷模,從來沒有流過血,我們選舉非常平和,我倒過來要呼籲,明天不要對撞, 不要讓選舉變成流血,變成台灣覺得臉上蒙羞,我們要珍惜台灣自由民主的價值,更要珍惜我們理性來選舉,選舉就是靠走基層,去讓這些問題,大家都來去解決。」