NPP Suspends Scandal-Ridden Legislator|高潞遭時力停權 恐失不分區立委身分

Recently, it was reported that an aide to New Power Party Legislator Kawlo Iyun Pacidal had abused her position to secure government subsidies worth NT$4 million, a violation of the Act on Recusal of Public Servants due to Conflicts of Interest. On July 31, the NPP announced it had suspended her party membership, which may result in Kawlo losing her legislator-at-large position. Under the regulations of the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act, the vacancy can only be filled by a female candidate.

The New Power Party recently issued an ultimatum, ordering Legislator Kawlo Iyun Pacidal to appear before its disciplinary committee by a certain time. Although Kawlo showed up, she refused to answer any questions. The NPP subsequently announced it had suspended her party membership and asked the party's general assembly to expel her.

Legislator Kawlo refused to answer any questions, citing procedural issues. With regard to the part of this case involving illegal behavior, this party will request authorities to investigate. New Power Party government officials should adhere to the basic principles of political integrity and conflict of interest avoidance.

Green Party Taiwan accused Kawlo's assistant of applying for NT$4 million in subsidies from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a violation of the Act of Recusal of Public Servants Due to Conflicts of Interest. Although Kawlo and her assistant immediately issued statements denying the accusations, her own party was not convinced. The NPP said this case is significant and it will convene a general assembly of party representatives.

Kawlo is a legislator-at-large, and her qualifications are tied to her party membership. That means that if she is expelled and loses her party membership, then she will lose her legislator qualifications.

Kawlo was first on the NPP's proposed legislator-at-large list in 2016. She was followed by Legislator Hsu Yung-ming, National Taiwan University economics professor Jang Show-ling, lawyer Ko Shao-chen, former Taichung City Deputy Mayor Lin Yi-ying, and director Ko I-chen. Under the regulations of the Civil Servants Election and Recall Act, Kawlo's vacancy can only be filled by a female candidate originally on the list. It is unclear at present whether Jang, Ko Shao-chen, and Lin have retained their party membership and will be able to fill the position. Ko I-chen will not be able to fill the position as he is male. The NPP could end up with one fewer legislator if it is unable to find a suitable candidate.


時代力量發言人 李兆立表示:「高潞委員以程序問題,拒絕回答任何問題,二,就本案涉及違法部分,本黨將移請主管機關調查,三,時代力量黨公職人員,應兼守政治操守,與利益迴避的基本原則。」


時代力量發言人 李兆立表示:「一旦除名的話,因為高潞以用委員現在是不分區,那她的當選資格跟黨籍是連帶的,所以一旦失去了黨籍之後,當然也會失去立法委員的資格。」