Central "Spring Tour" Travel Subsidy Program Goes Live|春遊補助"自由行"上線 逾2千業者參與

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications' independent spring break travel subsidy went online on Mar. 22. Currently, over 2,000 travel accommodation companies are taking part and the number is increasing. To prevent fraud, the subsidy this time round is restricted to travel accommodation companies and they are only eligible to apply after their guests have actually checked in.

The Spring Tour section of the Tourism Bureau's "Taiwan Stay" website has gone live, with participating hotels and guesthouses listed by location. According to the bureau, over 2,000 hospitality businesses have already registered. As there were issues previously with hotels applying for subsidies for cancelled reservations, they now have to wait until guests have checked in before applying for subsidies.

We have asked hotels not to register on our system until guests have checked in. Before, they could register as soon as a reservation was made. This is no longer the case.

The bureau says the subsidy schedule is decided by local governments. Nantou, for example, will start its subsidy program in April while Yilan is waiting until May. Local governments can also create itineraries highlighting local specialties and events for additional subsidies. The itineraries will be released by the Tourism Bureau on Mar. 29. One guesthouse says the subsidy application process is too complicated and its phone has been ringing off the hook with queries. The guesthouse also complained about having to wait four months after the program closes to collect the subsidies.

Subsidies do help, but we decided not to participate in the program this time. I can offer my own discounts -- larger discounts -- to tourists, and then they won't have to deal with their overly complicated registration system.

With regards to the last two subsidy programs, the bureau says 80 percent of subsidies from the one last November to December have been collected and they will be distributed in full by the end of April. Subsidies from the one in January will be distributed in full by the end of May. The bureau says subsidies from the current program will be received more quickly because they will be distributed by local governments.


觀光局旅宿組長 湯文琦表示:「就是有跟旅宿業者要求,一定要民眾入住之後,才能夠在我們系統上面登記,之前的話是可以,如果旅客已經有訂房,就可以開放登記,但是這次要"完成入住了",他們才可以開始登記。」


聲音來源 宜蘭民宿業者表示:「有補助還是說會有幫助,可是像我們這次的補助,我們就決定說我們就沒有要參加,我可以自己做折扣給旅客,就是讓他有不一樣的,就是我們會折扣多一點給他,就是也不用去做那一些繁複的登錄。」


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