Memorial Service Held for First Conjoined Twin Brother|首對成功分割連體嬰 哥哥忠仁今追思會

On Feb. 1, one of the nation's first conjoined twins to be successfully separated, Chang Chung-ren, passed away. A memorial service for him was held on Feb. 19. His younger brother Chang Chung-i told the media that he misses his brother very much, and he will complete his brother's dream of holding an art exhibition.

Brother, I'm thinking of you. Sorry, I don't know what to say.

A memorial service for Chang Chung-ren , the older of the nation's first pair of conjoined twins to be successfully separated, was held on Feb. 19. Chang Chung-i, the younger twin, looked at old photos during the service and shared memories of his brother.

When the 921 earthquake occurred, the shaking was very intense. My brother suddenly threw himself on top of me and told me not to be afraid. I have never forgotten this gesture. This will always be the deepest impression I have of him.

Attendees at the service included Presidential Office Secretary-General Chen Chu and former President Ma Ying-jeou. Chang Chung-ren previously worked for Taipei City's Department of Environmental Protection, and a delegation of a dozen or so former colleagues came to goodbye.

Chung-ren previously said he wanted to be cremated and buried at the foot of a tree. This fully shows how much he cherished and respected the environment and life. This is the love Chung-ren showed towards us, both during and after his life.

Chang Chung-ren died on Feb. 1. In 1979, he and his brother became the nation's first pair of conjoined twins to be successfully separated. Their lives were not easy, and much more difficult than those of the general public. However, they always maintained a positive attitude. Former National Taiwan University President Chen Wei-jao was the lead surgeon during the operation. He said the brothers had a strong sense of social responsibility, and always sought to give back to society.

They actually exceeded our expectations, from their vitality and their energy to their optimistic approach to life and their desire to give back to society. I really admire them.

Chang Chung-i added his brother was fond of painting, and had planned to hold an art exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the operation. He said he will realize this dream on behalf of his brother and follow in his footsteps by spreading positive energy.