Organizer of Deadly Powder Party in 2015 Sentenced to 5 Years|八仙塵爆15死.逾4百傷 呂忠吉入監服刑

In June 2015, a powder explosion at Formosa Fun Coast in Bali, New Taipei, killed 15 and injured more than 400. The event's organizer, Lu Chung-chi, was charged for negligent homicide and was handed a five-year prison term. Last December, the supreme court dismissed his appeal and maintained the verdict. Lu reported to prison on the morning of January 2.

Shortly after 9:00 a.m. on January 2, Lu Chung-chi reported to the New Taipei District Prosecutor's Office. He said again to the media that he no longer trusts Taiwan's legal system. He also said that serving his jail time has little to do with whether he thinks he deserves it. On June 25, 2015, Lu's company hosted a "Color Play Asia" at the Formosa Fun Coast, and the starch-based powder was ignited by the high temperature light. The explosion killed 15 and injured over 400. In December 2018, the Supreme Court handed out their final verdict and maintained the five-year sentence, as well as a fine of NT$ 90,000.

It's not an issue of whether I accept the ruling. I basically have no faith in Taiwan's legal system.
Lu Chung-chi, was charged for negligent homicide after the powder explosion caused massive casualties. He received a sentence of 4 years and 10 months after first instance, and was handed a 5-year prison term after second instance. The Supreme Court deemed the sentence to be appropriate and dismissed Lu's appeal.

Everyone has his or her fair share of responsibility in the accident. It's not just my fault. I was the one who organized the event, but I wasn't even on sight (when the explosion happened). Why am I the only one who took all the blame?

Despite his imminent prison sentence, Lu is still facing civil lawsuits. The Shilin District Prosecutors Office plan to compensate the victims and their families close to NT$ 500 million, in accordance to the Crime Victim Protection Act. The office will chase after Lu for the fund. However, since Lu has no asset under his name, the compensation will have to come from the public. Lu and the water park are also being sued by the 400 victims. The total amount of compensation demanded by the class-action lawsuit is NT$ 9.9 billion. In addition, 43 victims among them have hired attorneys and asked for a total compensation of NT$ 139.62 million. The court is currently processing all the lawsuits.