Baker Says He's From "Taiwan, China" Ahead of Store Opening|"中國台灣"被罵翻 總統替吳寶春緩頰

Renowned Taiwan baker Wu Pao-chun recently soft opened a bakery in Shanghai. He was accused of supporting Taiwan independence. On Dec. 10, Wu issued a statement saying the two sides of the strait are one family and he supports the 1992 Consensus. He also described himself as a baker from "Taiwan, China." His words incited the wrath of people in Taiwan.

I'm not cool with this. I won't ever eat his bread again.

On Dec. 10, one day before the official opening of his new bakery in Shanghai, renowned baker Wu Pao-chun used Facebook to send a message to Chinese netizens. Chinese netizens had previously accused him of supporting Taiwan independence. Wu responded that the two sides of the strait are one family, and he supports the 1992 Consensus. He also said he is a baker born in "Taiwan, China" and he is proud of being Chinese. These statements did not sit well with many Taiwanese people.

You were born and raised in Taiwan. You have used Taiwan's resources. He worked very hard before, achieved success and became a ray of light for Taiwan. Today, these words make me a bit sad.

Nevertheless, Wu's store in Kaohsiung remained packed with shoppers, who waited in line to make purchases. There were also visitors from Taipei in line, who said Wu has worked hard over the years to get to where he is now and bread should be a politics-free area.

He wouldn't be so successful today if he hadn't put in a lot of effort. He is internationally ranked. (So the words "Taiwan, China" won't affect your desire to purchase?) No.
Everyone is free to have their own opinion. Why is there a need to attack him?

Even President Tsai Ing-wen waded into the debate. She said this is a very serious issue, but the public shouldn't criticize Wu.

China is using politics to distort economic and trade activities. This is something that exists in every single day of our lives. It actually exists in the entire world. This is an issue that many countries are currently jointly following. Taiwan is standing on the front line and needs to be especially on guard against this type of situation.

The president added Taiwan and the world will not accept this case and similar ones in the past. She used the opportunity to denounce China, saying this type of omnipresent threat is the reason for the deteriorating cross-strait relationship. She added she hopes China can shelve the political precondition to allow for healthy cross-strait exchanges.