Pennsylvania Court Orders Edward Sun's Deportation|判決"刑滿獲釋" 孫安佐將遞解出境

M. Chuang
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Edward Sun, the son of entertainer Sun Peng, will be deported back to Taiwan after being imposed a "time served" sentence. He was arrested in the U.S. in March for possession of illegal ammunition and had been detained for over 200 days. It's reported that he will continue his studies at Chungyu University of Film and Arts Technology.

This past March, the son of entertainers Sun Peng and Di Ying threatened to shoot up his high school. Police searched his room at his host family's home in Pennsylvania and found a handgun he built himself and 1,600 rounds of ammunition. Edward Sun was arrested and charged with possessing ammunition while on a non-immigrant visa. On the 19th Taiwan time, the court handed down a "time served" sentence and ordered his deportation.

She imposed a $ 100 assessment, so there's no fine imposed. He will be released immediately. His sentence is complete.

The district judge in the case admonished Sun's parents during the hearing, telling them, "Once your son is released, I want you to make sure your son grows up and becomes a mature person. You can't continue to shelter him." It will take another four to six weeks before Sun's sentence is processed and he is deported to Taiwan.

He will be transferred to ICE detention in Pennsylvania and then moved towards deportation.

Sun's attorney also said Sun will attend Chungyu University of Film and Arts Technology if he returns to Taiwan and the school has already admitted him. However, university officials say they have only agreed to allow Sun to audit classes.

Although he will only be auditing class, we will definitely keep a close eye on him. If he is formally admitted into the university (at a later time), we will of course have to strengthen (campus security).

Even if Sun's legal case in the U.S. can be considered to be at an end, Taiwan's criminal code gives the R.O.C. jurisdiction over citizens receiving a sentence of three years or more overseas. The Shilin District Prosecutors Office says it cannot make a decision on pursuing a case unless investigators or police are in the possession of concrete evidence.