Hotel in New Taipei Criticized for Using "China" in Wifi Hotspot|國號改"中國台灣" 亞昕福朋喜來登網頁灌爆

Recently, the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in New Taipei's Linkou District has been the topic of heated discussion after local residents reported that the hotel has named its wifi hotspot to Taiwan of China, and has the Chinese flag on display. The hotel has responded by saying that they are simply following their headquarters regulations, but did quietly change their wifi name afterwards.

The newly opened Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in New Taipei City features a spacious lobby and a cool color palette. While still in its trial run stage, the hotel has been reported by local residents to have used the name "Taiwan, China " for the name of their wifi hotspot, with the Chinese flag symbol on display. In the language selection page of the hotel's official website, it also shows "Traditional Chinese of Taiwan, China" as an option.

They can do what they want if it's in Mainland China. However, they did this in their hotel branch in Taiwan, this raises some questions.

This might be the hotel's oversight. But this is an international hotel chain, they need to pay attention to details like this.

After the news was posted on local forums, such as the popular PTT, many internet users posted negative comments on the Hotel's Google and Facebook page. The hotel responded to the incident on its social media page on Thursday evening, saying that the hotel is under direct management of the Marriott International, and that all literature and PR material must fall in line with the headquarters' regulations. The hotel branch has no right to change it on their own. However, the name of the hotel's wifi hotspot has been changed on Friday morning. The Tourism Bureau commented on the incident, saying that adding "China" when titling "Taiwan" has violated the Act of the Development of Tourism. This has to do with national honor. Taiwan is the name of our own country, how can a hotel just randomly change it to another country's name?

The Tourism Bureau said that the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton hotels is regulated by the local government. The New Taipei City government has the right to fine the hotel between NT$30,000 and NT$150,000 once they find the hotel to have engaged in actions that damage the country's honor and interest. The city can even suspend their operation license if the incident further exacerbates. New Taipei City government has dispatched their staff to the hotel to further investigate the issue.

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