High Court Finds Su Pin-kun Not Guilty of Armed Robbery|涉銀樓搶案 蘇炳坤特赦後再審獲判無罪

M. Chuang
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Su Pin-kun got a Father's Day present when the High Court reversed an earlier verdict and found him innocent after a legal battle lasting over 30 years Back In 1987, Su was found guilty of armed robbery and sentenced to 15 years in prison. On Aug. 8, the High Court found Su innocent in a retrial. Su said he still felt helpless since he was almost 70 and the ruling can still be appealed.

Su Pin-kun got a wonderful Father's Day present when the High Court reversed an earlier verdict and found him innocent of armed robbery.

I can't say I'm happy. Really. I am an innocent man who suffered for 32 years. I lost my family and my career.

Su was found guilty of armed robbery and attempted murder in 1987 and sentenced to 15 years. He has been fighting to clear his name ever since. There were four extraordinary appeals filed by prosecutor-generals and four petitions for retrial by prosecutors, and Su received a presidential pardon in 2000. Even so, Su refused to have a tainted name and his petition for retrial was finally granted last year. This was the first time in ROC history a retrial was granted following a presidential pardon. During the retrial, Su's codefendant in the case, a man surnamed Kuo, says he was forced by police to give Su up. According to Kuo, even the public prosecutor didn't think there was sufficient evidence and said Su should be found not guilty. The High Court said police evidence was not obtained legally and prosecutors conducted a sloppy investigation. The court also said Su was wrongfully convicted because there was no presumption of innocence during the first trial or by the Supreme Court.

The court would like to offer its sympathy to Mr. Su for all the years of suffering.

Su lost his job and years of his life due to the wrongful conviction, and his family is heartbroken over the pain and anguish he has suffered.

It has been very painful. Our children were young and our family was torn apart overnight for no reason. He was innocent, and they just came and took him away. I didn't know where he was. I even filed a missing persons report.

Su fought the judicial system for over three decades and has finally cleared his name. As he was found not guilty but has already served time, Su can apply for wrongful imprisonment compensation.