Blunder During Taoyuan Stage of Tour de Taiwan|自由車環台賽 上百位選手走錯路線

The 2018 Tour de Taiwan is currently underway, and the second stage brought participants to Taoyuan. The stage started out smoothly, but 25 kilometers from the finish line, more than 100 participants went off course after a staff member led them the wrong way. This was the first time a blunder like this had occurred in Taiwan. The 2018 Tour de Taiwan is underway, with Taoyuan hosting the second stage on Mar. 12. The route started at the Taoyuan City Hall. The race proceeded smoothly for 120 kilometers. However, a situation arose 25 kilometers before the finish line. The footage shows the 20 or so riders who were leading the pack following the police car and going straight. However, those behind them all veered to the left. Hundreds of participants went the wrong way at this point, increasing the time difference between them and the leaders from one minute to five minutes. A tour staffer was not clear when indicating directions, confusing the participants and causing them to go the wrong way. The judge will ensure the race is fair, so there won't be any problems in handling this issue. The race has been stopped, and the leaders have stopped. The judge decided to stop the riders who were leading the pack when they reached a point 18 kilometers from the finish line to allow the rest to catch up. He then let the leaders pass through based on the actual time differences. Participants and staff members had different reactions to this method. You can go now. It's not correct. Tour of Taiwan, not correct. It's happened a few times before, but not many. Stopping the race and then restarting it is fairer for everybody. However, stopping races may affect the rhythm and conditioning of participants. After the race, the judge said similar incidents had occurred in Europe, and the decision was made to ensure the race would be fair. Although some participants were upset with how the situation was handled, this was the best option to resolve the situation.

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