Prosecutors in Tainan yesterday formally charged former Taipei City Councilor Lee Cheng-lung and his friend with vandalism. The two beheaded a Yoichi Hatta statue in April. The prosecutors have asked for heavier punishment for the duo. On Apr. 15, the statue of Hatta Yoichi at Tainan's Wushantou Reservoir Scenic Area was beheaded by former Taipei City Councilor Lee Cheng-lung and his friend. On June 26, Tainan District Prosecutors' Office prosecuted the two. == CHEN CHIEN-HUNG Dep. Prosecutor, Tainan Dist. Prosecutors' Office== Based on Lee's and Chiu's actions, they are charged with vandalism, under Article 354 of the Criminal Code. We ask the court to impose a heavier penalty on them, because they showed no remorse for what they did. On Apr. 14, Lee and his friend checked into a hotel at the scenic area. They visited the statue and did a survey on it. They bought a wire saw afterwards. On Apr. 15, around 2 a.m., they cut off the bronze statue's head and took a picture of the decapitated statue. They left the scene after placing the head back in the original place. The head was found missing on Apr. 16, and Lee said he had no idea where the head had gone. However, this was not the end. On May 28, the two vandalized the stone lion-dog Komainu statue at Taipei City's Yixian Elementary School. In view of the incident, the police advised to impose a heavier penalty on them. Taiwan Chia-Nan Irrigation Association said it will ask for compensation from Lee and his friend. == YANG MING-FENG Pres., Taiwan Chia-Nan Irrigation Assn.== In the future, we will strengthen management of the statue, and add more surveillances. We will ask for a civil compensation from the vandals. Lee thinks that the ownership of the statue should first be clarified before claiming for damage to the statue. == LEE CHENG-LUNG former Taipei City Councilor== I always have doubts about the ownership of the Hatta Yoichi statue. Whether the Taiwan Chia-Nan Irrigation Association really owns the statue should be clarified. Lee insisted that there are reasons for his actions. However, he accepted prosecution based upon the law. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 烏山頭水庫園區的八田與一銅像,在今年4月15號,被前台北市議員、李承龍,和邱姓友人鋸斷頭,台南地檢署在今天,將兩人提起公訴。 ==台南地檢署襄閱主任檢察官 陳建弘== 李某與邱某二人所為 涉犯刑法第354條之毀損罪嫌 予以提起公訴 並請法院審酌李某邱某二人 犯後並無悔意等情 請法院從重量刑 今年4月14號,李承龍和友人入住風景區的渡假會館,先勘查銅像材質,再購買線鋸。15號凌晨2點多,到現場鋸下銅像頭部、等拍完照,再把頭放回去、就離開現場,直到16號清晨被發現。後來銅像頭部遍尋不著,李承龍宣稱自己也不知去向。但在斷頭事件後,他與友人又再次在5月28號,破壞台北市逸仙國小的石狛犬像。因此檢方才認為兩人犯後無悔意,建請從重量刑。而受害的嘉南農田水利會則表示會求償。 ==嘉南農田水利會長 楊明風== 往後我們嘉南水利會 除了加強它的維護管理 增加一些監視設備(等) 水利會也會向當事者 求處民事賠償 李承龍還是認為,要求償,得先釐清銅像的所有權屬於誰。 ==前台北市議員 李承龍== 我對於八田與一銅像的 這個所有權 我一直有疑慮 那台南的水利會 是否 這個八田與一銅像 歸屬他 這個也有疑問(要釐清) 李承龍依然堅稱,自己鋸斷八田與一銅像是有理的,如今面臨起訴,他表示,他接受檢方有權依法提起公訴。 記者 曹晏郡 沈志明 溫正衡 台北台南報導