The 2017 UK general election is today. As voters head to the polls, they will not just be choosing among different parties, but also their colors. In fact, each of the UK's main political parties boasts their own distinct color. Tories are blue and the Labor party is red, but where did they come from and what influence do these colors have? Let's take a look. ==FIONA JOYCE resident, West Midlands== I know there's red and isn't there blue? And is there a yellow? ==LIAM DYE resident, London== SNP is clearly yellow, Labour… see it's difficult for me but - red and Tories are blue. It is no exception that political parties worldwide have their own distinct colors. In the UK, the ruling Conservative party associates themselves with the colors of the Union Flag that are red, white and blue. When the Labour party was born and adopted red, the Tories moved towards blue. ==TIM BALE Professor of Politics, Queen Mary University, London == It's no accident for example that Labour is red because that's the color of social democratic parties all over Europe, it was originally the color of revolutionary or reformist movements. For the Conservatives, I think blue is a more reassuring and patriotic color if you like. Blue often conjures calming and serene thoughts, perhaps due to the sea and the sky. It also provokes an image of intelligence and logic. That can explain why it's chosen by some technology companies and car manufacturers. Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party uses red, a color symbolizing left-wing ideologies for over a hundred years. It's a lively color that excites emotions and motivates people to take action. It's notably used by Coca-Cola, Lego and Nintendo. ==CARA BENDON Brand Consultant== Colors are very important when it comes to branding because people's brains recognize color pretty universally, regardless of different cultures and languages, the brain will read it instantly. Probably because all the primary colors were taken, the right-wing populist UK Independence Party chose the non-aligned color purple, and the centrist Liberal Democratic Party used orange. Why the Green Party uses green is obvious. Rather than taking colors from the Scottish national flag, Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party uses yellow. The reason is unclear, but color does matter in political campaigns. The party ever made the yellow softer to appeal female voters. TRANSLATED BY:SASHA CHIU

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