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The torrential rains caused losses and casualties across Taiwan. At a kindergarten in Taipei, 53 children had to be evacuated as floodwater poured in. A female motorcyclist in New Taipei's Bali District was less lucky. She fell into a road underpass and was swept away by the water. She was found dead before she could be taken to the hospital. Surveillance footage shows floodwater rushing from this kindergarten in Taipei City. Police and fire department rescuers formed a line to save children from the scene. As heavy rains began in Taipei at 11 AM, the Boling Kindergarten started flooding. Kindergarten staff brought the 53 children to the nearby Jiantan Temple to wait for their parents. ==MR. LI Resident near the kindergarten== When I came out, the water was already roaring out. They told the teachers to take the children to higher ground immediately, which meant the Jiantan Temple. ==MS. CHANG Grandparent of kindergartener== My daughter-in-law called to say that there was a flood, and to come quick because the child has gotten wet, she said to bring clothes. Also affected by the rain were the residents of Lane 136, Huanshan Road. Because the drainage system of the nearby hiking trail was clogged by tree branches and leaves, muddy water flooded the area and waterlogged bicycles, scooters, and cars. ==MR. LIN Resident, Huanshan Road== The storm drain gridded covers were all blocked up by tree branches. The rescuer had a very hard job, he was removing the branches one by one. Due to the rain, Taipei City announced that all riverside evacuation gates would be closed by 2:30 PM. Unfortunately, many drivers were unable to move their cars from the riverside. ==CAR OWNER== I arrived at around 1, but the gate had already closed. So it was too late to get the car out. In New Taipei's Shimen District, a 60-year-old man was buried by a rockslide up to his neck. Rescuers were helping to free him. Fortunately, he was still conscious and in no danger of death. In Tamsui's Xinzhuangzi area, streets became rivers inundated with thigh-deep waters. Rescuers had to help three people cross the waters with ropes. A woman riding a scooter along Zhonghua Road in Bali District was less lucky. The fire department received a report that she had been swept away by flood waters after falling into a road underpass. She was found and rushed to a hospital, but died before she arrived. Translated by JOHN CHEN 受到豪雨影響,雙北也傳出災情,台北市北安路的柏齡幼兒園,因為地處低漥、教室嚴重淹水,幸好警消人員用接力方式,將53名幼童搶救出來,師生都平安,不過新北市八里區,一名婦女騎機車掉到涵洞、就沒這麼幸運了,消防局接獲報案後,發現她被大水沖走,到院前已無生命跡象。 從監視器畫面可以看到,滾滾洪水不斷從幼兒園衝出來,警消人員用接力方式,把小朋友搶救到外頭,畫面相當驚險!由於上午11點多,台北市下起強降雨,位在北安路805巷的柏齡幼兒園,位在低漥處,嚴重淹水,園方人員緊急將53名幼童,暫時安置在旁邊的劍潭古寺,等待家長把孩子接回去。 ==幼兒園附近居民 李先生== 我出來的時候 那個水已經像洪水一樣飆出來 那裡面 可能老師 他們就叫老師先把他們 這個狀況馬上把他們帶到高地 高地就是那個劍潭古寺那邊 ==幼童家長 張阿嬤== 我媳婦打電話說 他們就是大水來 沖走 就是趕快 小孩子濕了 叫我帶衣服來給他換 同樣也是受到豪雨影響的,還有環山路136巷的居民,因為金山面登山步道口的排水溝、被樹枝擋住閘門,大量黃泥巴水溢滿出來,導致路邊的腳踏車、機車及汽車無一倖免,幾乎全泡在水裡。 ==北市環山路居民 林先生== 那個鐵軌一柵一柵的 有沒有 那個東西(排水) 都會被那個樹枝擋住 剛才那個救災人員非常辛苦 他在那邊 一根樹枝一根樹枝抽出來 由於大雨不斷,北市府也宣布從下午一點半起,陸續關閉基隆河沿線、所有河川疏散門,在兩點半全數關閉,不過還是有不少車主、來不及移走車輛。 ==北市汽車車主== 我差不多一點到的時候 其實水門就已經關了 所以要救的話 其實就已經來不及了 不只台北市傳出災情,新北市石門區,有一名60多歲老先生被土石掩埋,只剩下頭露在外面,消防人員正前往協助脫困,所幸老先生意識清醒,沒有生命危險。 淡水區新庄子58號前,整條馬路變成河流,水深及大腿左右,消防人員拉繩索協助3位民眾「渡河」脫困,才解除一場危機。 不過八里區中華路二段,一名婦女騎機車掉到涵洞、就沒這麼幸運了,消防局接獲報案後,發現她被大水沖走,到院前已無生命跡象。 記者 綜合報導