Rebiya Kadeer the businesswoman and East Turkestan independence movement (ETIM) activist was once refused a visa to visit Taiwan when in Malaysia. Now with the change of administration, the Taiwan Solidarity Union has officially invited Kadeer to Taiwan. Kadeer accepted the invitation. Her visit is scheduled for March, but Tsai Ing-wen may still accede to pressure from China. President of the separatist World Uyghur Congress, Rebiya Kadeer, who had previously been refused a visa to visit Taiwan, may now do so with the change of administration. On Dec. 27, the Taiwan Solidarity Union officially issued an invitation to Kadeer to visit Taiwan, through the Japanese Uyghur Association. On Jan. 9, Kadeer sent an official acceptance and plans to visit in March. ==LIU YI-DE Taiwan Solidarity Union Chair== I'm very happy to be able to officially invite Rebiya Kadeer and that she is able to come to Taiwan at such short notice. If the government does not extend a helping hand then at least they should open up for civic groups, for the Taiwan public, to have contact. Kadeer has made a documentary in which she congratulated Tsai Ing-wen on becoming president and expressed hope for the opportunity to visit, approved by the Tsai administration. The TSU will apply to the relevant bodies after the Lunar New Year for the visit. ==REBIYA KADEER President, East Turkestan Independence Movement == I received the invitation from the Taiwan Solidarity Union and I thank them for it. I hope that the Taiwan government will allow me to fulfill my wish to visit Taiwan and meet with everyone in Taiwan. I wish you all successful work and good health. ==ILHAM MAHMUT Japan Uyghur Association== The Democratic Progressive Party has come to power and I think they have not changed their ideas, so this time I am very optimistic about Rebiya Kadeer's visit to Taiwan. -1 At Kaohsiung's 2009 film festival, Kaohsiung City Mayor, Chen Chu invited Kadeer to chair the festival, but due to pressure from China, this was denied. With the current freeze in cross-strait relations, the Straits Exchange Foundation Chair Tien Hung-mao asked the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits President Chen Deming to visit Jinmen in a conciliatory gesture. Kadeer's Taiwan visit may touch a nerve in the cross-strait relationship and it remains to be seen if Tsai's government will approve the visit. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 曾經被前政府拒絕核發入境許可的世界維吾爾代表大會主席熱比婭,在政黨輪替後,台聯黨透過日本維吾爾協會,去年12月27日正式向熱比婭提出訪台邀請,熱比婭也在本月9號正式回函接受,雙方規劃在三月下旬來台。 ==台聯黨主席 劉一德== 非常高興能夠正式收到 熱比婭女士的首肯 她願意在最短的期間內 到台灣來訪問 如果政府不能伸出援手 至少也要開放給民間 開放台灣的民眾 好好來跟他們做接觸 熱比婭本人也錄製一段回應影片,在影片中祝賀總統蔡英文當選,同時表達自己期待來台灣訪問的願望,希望蔡政府能夠促成。台聯則預計過年後,向政府相關單位包括外交部等提出熱比婭來台的申請。 ==世界維吾爾代表大會主席 熱比婭== 我收到台灣團結聯盟給我的邀請函 感謝台聯的邀請 希望台灣政府 能促成我訪問台灣的願望 希望能在適當的時間 與大家在台灣會面 祝大家工作順利 身體健康 ==日本維吾爾協會會長 伊里哈木== 民進黨執政了 我想他們 對自己曾經的理念沒有改變 所以我對於熱比婭女士 這次能夠來台灣 我是很高的很樂觀的 2009年高雄電影節,市長陳菊曾邀熱比婭出席,但因中國施壓,遭馬政府拒絕,如今兩岸關係冰凍,海基會董事長田弘茂才向海協會長陳德銘釋出善意,邀請訪問金門,熱比婭訪台之行,也恐將挑起兩岸敏感神經,蔡政府如何因應,各界關注。 記者 李曉儒 邱福財 台北報導