Swimmers are now provided with a glimpse into a whole new underwater world at an aquarium in China. To fulfill people's dream of being a mermaid, a course was set up to teach them how to swim like a mermaid by using free-diving techniques. The response to the mermaid course has been overwhelming since it was launched in 2015. In an aquarium in China, swimmers are now given the opportunity to learn how to swim like a mermaid. Swapping their human legs for a mermaid's tail, these mermaid trainees use free-diving techniques to enhance their breath-holding ability and swim with a monofin. They said that the mermaid experience, which is in fact free-diving with a costume, is not just a sport, but one that can lead them into a new world, allowing them to be themselves. ==HUANG XIAOYING, mermaid trainee== When I'm in the water I feel at peace, and when I'm with animals I'm very happy. Being able to swim with so many different types of sea-creatures, it makes me feel relaxed and very comfortable. Chief instructor Dada Li, who has always dreamed of becoming a mermaid from an early age, founded the mermaid course in Nov. 2015, after she was asked to put together a mermaid performance troupe for China's largest indoor aquarium. Li said that spots for the mermaid course fill up quickly as more and more Chinese are caught in a mermaid fandom, thanks to "The Mermaid", a Chinese-Hong Kong fantasy action film released earlier this year. Besides being a full-time free-diving professional, Li works as a part-time mermaid, performing in tanks of fish and rays at the aquarium. ==DADA LI, mermaid instructor== I love being a mermaid, so I was sure that there were other little girls who had dreams of being one. So, I figured that the technique of being a mermaid is very similar to free-diving. So I used aspects of free-diving and set up a course to teach people. Li currently teaches more than one hundred mermaids and mermen in the cities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Those who are interested in the mermaid course have the choice of taking 1 to 3 day courses, ranging from RMB$1400 to RMB$4000. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH