More and more veterinarians in the US are using acupuncture on animals such as dogs, cats, even rabbits to help ease these animals' pain or help with their injuries. Although the effect of treatment is yet to be scientifically determined, many pet owners are open to the idea of having their pets acupunctured. After falling off a bed over a year ago, Chloe, an 8-year old corgi mix had trouble getting around. ==ELIZABETH TORSTVEIT, Chloe's owner== We heard a very sharp bark, slash, scream. It turned out she had injured her spine and was partially paralyzed. Surgery had a 50-50 success rate, so the vet suggested another approach - acupuncture. Acupuncture has grown in popularity since 1971 when this traditional Chinese medical practice was introduced in the US. Nowadays it has been used in both human and veterinary treatment. ==ELAINE BINOR, Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic vet== Before this was an option, you really were just putting them in carts. Well, animals don't always understand or know what we're trying to do so we need to pick points that are easy for us to access. During the treatment, vet inserts fine needles into the patient's body where nerve and blood vessels come together. That is said to help ease pain and improve health. However, the American Veterinary Medical Association has not taken a position on it, noting the treatment has received mixed scientific reviews. ==TOM MEYER, American Veterinary Medical Assoc. president== So whenever we have such a mixed result, we need to be open and explore and would hope that more research would indicate and promote and prove that acupuncture is able to provide what it's intended to provide. Chloe, though, has seen positive results. ==ELIZABETH TORSTVEIT, Chloe's owner== I knew it was not her time to not walk. I often say we don't have Homosapien children we have fuzzy children and they're the world to us. After receiving two to three treatments a week along with pain medication, laser, electrical and physical therapy for one and a half months, Chloe started to walk on her hind legs again. TRANSLATED BY:SASHA CHIU

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