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In his first television interview after the phone call with President Tsai Ing-wen, US President-elect Donald Trump revealed that he thinks that the United States should not necessarily be bound by the One-China policy. His comment was criticized by an editorial in the Chinese state media, Global Times. The editorial wrote that the One-China policy is not for selling, and if abandoned, cross-Straits ties would see a real storm. In his first television interview after the phone call with President Tsai Ing-wen, US President-elect Donald Trump revealed why he took the phone call. ==DONALD TRUMP, US President-elect== It's all wrong. Not weeks! I took a call. I heard the call was coming probably an hour or two before. I fully understand the one China policy, but I don't know why we have to be bound by a one China policy unless we make a deal with China having to do with other things, including trade. Trump stated that the US is not bound by the one China policy. He criticized that China was not helping at all with North Korea's nuclear problem. According to the Chinese state media, Global Times, the one China policy is non-negotiable. If the one China policy is abandoned, China may not prioritize peaceful reunification, and cross-straits ties would change, so that Taiwan may regret being Trump's pawn. ==DONALD TRUMP, US President-Elect== I don't want China dictating to me, and this was a call putting to me. I didn't make the call. And it was a call, very short call, saying, "Congratulations, Sir, on the victory." It was a very nice call. Short. Why should some other nation be able to say I can't take a call? I think it actually would've been very disrespectful, to be honest with you, not taking it. After being elected as the President, Trump's remarks have faced off with China several times. According to US media, Trump is not the first Republican President to question the one China policy but is the first to use it as a bargaining chip. Former White House official Evan Medeiros stated that putting one China policy up for grabs will risk trading U.S. support for Taiwan for another U.S. interest. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 川蔡通話後,美國總統當選人川普首度接受電視專訪,說明接聽總統蔡英文電話的考量,再度槓上中國。 ==美國總統當選人 川普== 這些都是錯誤的 不是幾週前 我是在電話撥進來前 1到2個小時被告知 我完全了解一個中國政策 但是我不知道美國為何要 被一中政策綁住 除非我們與中國達成協議 這包括經貿和其他事情 川普明確表示,美國不受一中政策約束,直言不希望中國命令我怎麼做,更批評中國在北韓問題上幫倒忙,中國可以處理北韓核武問題,但根本不願幫忙。中國官方媒體環球時報反嗆,川普只懂商業,一中政策不能買賣,如果棄守一中政策,中國沒必要將和平統一置於優先地位,台海將出現風暴,台灣或許會後悔,當了川普的棋子。 ==美國總統當選人 川普== 我不希望中國命令我怎麼做 這是打進來的電話 我沒有撥這通電話 這是通簡短祝賀我勝選的電話 為什麼有個國家要我不要接 我認為不接這通電話 是非常失禮的 川普當選後,發言多次槓上中國,美國媒體指出,川普不是第一個質疑一中政策的共和黨總統,但卻是第一個把一中當作交易籌碼的總統,前白宮資深官員麥艾文分析,美國以一中來換自身利益的話,可能不再支持台灣。 記者 林欣儀 彭耀祖 台北報導