Regarding the XPEC fraud case, the prosecutor found that the money source behind the whole plot may be from China. The suspects Yang Jui-ren and Hsieh Chi-yao were both released on bail with restriction from leaving Taiwan. The prosecutors said that they would continue to look into the case and identify those who have speculated and profited from the case. With his head down, Yang Jui-jen was the well-known bandit who engaged in the highest amount of stock transaction embezzlement in the finance history of Taiwan. Now, Yang is involved in the XPEC Entertainment fraud case. He was released on bail of NT$3 million with restriction from leaving Taiwan. ==YANG JUI-JEN, Suspect== Thanks, everyone. Sorry about that, it has been a long night. Sorry, sorry. (Do you feel being wronged?) No, no. (Were you the one who speculated on stocks?)(Were you the one who made the connections?) During the investigation of XPEC fraud case, the prosecutors found a suspicious person speculated on stocks. Prosecutor later identified and brought Yang for interrogation. In the search, prosecutor also found the money source behind the XPEC fraud case was the company called Smart Performance Investment Co., it may be a Chinese-funded company. The person in charge Hsieh Chi-yao was released on bail of NT$1.5 million with restriction from leaving Taiwan. ==CHANG CHIEH-CHIN, TPE Dist. Prosecutors Office Deputy Chief Prosecutor== We searched the residences and offices of the two defendants Hsieh and Yang. We later subpoenaed a total of ten suspects and witnesses for interrogations. ==XPEC CASE SELF-HELP MEMBER== We certainly feel being cheated. It's painful! Whether it was a case of speculation on stocks or whatever, the Financial Supervisory Commission should have done something but failed to. The XPEC acquisition offer withdrawn was a money trap for retail investors. The prosecutors will investigate for suspects who speculated in the stock market and profited from the XPEC. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 面對媒體低頭不語,他是曾犯下國內金融史上,最高金額交易員舞弊案的楊瑞仁,因涉入樂陞案遭檢調約談,台北地檢署裁定,以三百萬元交保,限制出境。 ==涉案嫌疑人 楊瑞仁 vs. 記者== 大家辛苦了 不好意思 已經一整晚了 不好意思 不好意思 (有覺得被冤枉嗎) 沒有 沒有 (是你操盤炒股的嗎) (你負責牽線嗎) 檢方偵辦期間,發現涉嫌炒作樂陞股價的作手,真實身份疑似楊瑞仁,檢調就將他帶回新北市調處偵訊,這次檢調第二波搜索中,還查出樂陞背後資金,第三大股東"動游"有限公司,疑似有中資色彩,而負責人謝啟耀,因涉案嫌疑重大,以150萬元交保,限制出境。 ==北檢襄閱主任檢察官 張介欽== 到這個謝姓被告 及楊姓被告本人住處 辦公室 執行搜索 並隨後傳喚相關犯嫌 及證人共10人 進行傳喚偵訊 ==樂陞自救會成員== 當然有被坑殺的感覺啊 很痛啊 你是一個炒股案也好 還是怎樣也好 金管會必須要有所做為 而沒有做為 樂陞公開收購案破局,背後卻是一場坑殺投資人金錢遊戲,檢方強調倒底有多少涉案人將擴大偵辦,釐清是否有人炒股套利。 記者 黃立偉 陳立峰 台北報導