First bank ATM robbery suspects sentanced to 12 years / 一銀盜領案起訴 3外籍嫌被求刑12年           | 公視新聞網 PNN

First bank ATM robbery suspects sentanced to 12 years / 一銀盜領案起訴 3外籍嫌被求刑12年          

On Sept. 13, suspects of the First Bank ATM heist in July were convicted by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office. Andrejs Peregudovs from Latvia, Niklae Penkov from Moldova and Mihail Colibaba from Romania were charged with fraud, money laundering, and computer hacking. They were all sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. Justice Minister Chiu Tai-san announced the verdict yesterday afternoon and praised Mr and Mrs Tsai who had first drawn attention to the ATM robbery. The Taipei District Prosecutors Office sentenced the three men on counts of fraud, money laundering and computer hacking. The prosecutors said the financial scam was organized by multinational crime syndicates which hacked into bank computer systems using malware, and remotely controlled 41 ATMs in 22 branches of the First Bank, stealing a total of over NT$83.27 million. All three of the accused had poor attitudes and were uncooperative after arrest, contributing to the sentence of 12 years' imprisonment. ==CHIU TAI-SAN Minister of Justice== Any country would want to break up this type of an organized crime. That this sort of international financial fraud ring was implanted in Taiwan is shocking. The prosecutors also summoned a man surnamed He who found NT$4 million of the stolen money in the Neihu district. After questioning, he was allowed to leave. When Minister of Justice Chiu Tai-san announced the verdict, he particularly praised Mr and Mrs. Tsai who had raised the first alarm with police when they saw a lot of money left at an ATM. ==TSAI CHENG-HUNG Raised the alarm on ATM robbery== We just did what any good citizen should do. The really praiseworthy ones are the police and criminal investigators who cracked the case. On July 10, Mr and Mrs. Tsai went to get money from a First Bank ATM at Guting. They saw foreign people acting strangely at the ATM, who left NT$60,000 in cash. They notified police, thus revealing the case. This helped to trace the stolen NT$77 million. Three people have been prosecuted in the case, while 19 left Taiwan before the case was discovered. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 銬上手銬安靜向前走,他們是涉犯第一銀行盜領案的主嫌潘可夫、安德魯和米海爾。台北地檢署在今天偵結此案,依詐欺、洗錢、妨害電腦等罪將三人起訴。檢方表示,這起金融詐欺案,是由多國成員組織的犯罪集團,入侵銀行電腦系統,利用植入惡意程式、再遠端遙控的方式,盜領第一銀行旗下22家分行、41台ATM、共8327萬多元。由於被告三人,犯後態度不佳,各求處有期徒刑12年。 ==法務部長 邱太三== 各國都極力地能夠 希望能夠把這樣的一個 組織性的犯罪 能夠來破獲 沒有想到 這樣的一個國際的 這樣一個金融詐欺的 這樣一個集團 竟然栽在我們台灣 檢方上午也再度傳喚,當初在內湖山區撿到400多萬贓款的柯姓男子,並在訊後請回。法務部長邱太三,下午則是公開表揚,當時見義勇為、熱心報警的蔡姓夫妻檔。 ==一銀盜領案報警民眾 蔡政宏== 我們只是盡了一個 國民應該做的 那真正比較厲害的 比較推崇的是 警員跟檢察官 有他們才有辦法破獲這個案子 收下贈禮,蔡先生認為,這只是國民應盡義務。他們夫妻7月10號晚間,前往第一銀行古亭分行領錢,發現有外國人在提款機前形色異常,出鈔口還留有6萬元鈔票,因此報警使全案曝光、使得後續能追回7700多萬元贓款、功不可沒,目前全案有3人被羈押,其他19人因已逃往國外,另案通緝。 記者 曹晏郡 王興中 陳立峰 台北報導