The three wheeled motor tricycles are used by Changhua County oyster farmers to harvest oysters. During the weekend, they would use the tricycles to take visitors for a drive into the oyster beds. And now, Changhua County Government will start regular inspection and licensing of the vehicles to protect both farmers and visitors' safety. When tide sets out, oyster farmers drive tourists to oyster fields for picking up oysters. It's interesting to see oyster farmers picking up oysters on weekdays and picking up tourists on weekends. For the past twenty years or so, oyster motors have never been regulated. Changhua County Government plans to enforce inspections over existing oyster motors. The purpose is to ensure oyster farmer's rights to drive on road. ==KUO CHIH-SHAN, DD Dept. of Agriculture, Changhua County Government== When a oyster farmer drives two assistants, one fee is for vehicle plate, one fee is for licensing vehicle operation. They could legally drive between oyster fields and homes. The regulation draft states that legalized oyster motors need to be inspected once every two years, one motor can only have three passengers including the driver. If violated, the driver would get fines. This proposal draft earns supports from oyster farmers in Wangkung Village. ==MR. LIN, oyster farmer in Wangkung== Driving oyster motors on roads, it definitely would have car accident. It would be better to regulate these motors. ==MR. LIN, oyster farmer in Wangkung== When we harvested oysters, no tax was paid. Regulating motors sounds like a better protection to us. (What kind of protection?) It's safer. The license fee is NT$300 . If accident occurs, farmer no longer need to worry about his NT$200,000. ==CHEN CHU-TSAN, Executive Secretary of Changhua Fishery Association== When accidents occur, the oyster vehicle falls apart. Those vehicles are illegally assembled. After being regulated, farmers now have better protection of their rights for using the vehicles. After being regulated, can oyster vehicles be permitted to pick up tourists? Will there be any limitation on the number of passengers? Farmers need to be aware of the limits on passengers and the fines. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 退潮了!週末假日的王功,採蚵車變成了載遊客體驗採蚵樂的交通工具。 堤外道路淹沒在海水裡,但這些蚵農們可都熟門熟路,把遊客送到潮間帶的蚵寮;假日載客,平日採蚵,但二三十年來,這種車輛都沒有管理,未來彰化縣政府要管理,驗車通過,才能申請「專用牌證」與「蚵車管理執照」,目的是為了保障漁民的道路行駛權。 ==彰化縣農業處副處長 郭至善== (蚵車)駕駛本人 他載2個助手 一個是車牌的牌照 一個是(蚵車)使用執照 可以在那個作業場到他們家 這段時間 合法的上路權 「蚵車管理自治條例草案」規定,合格蚵車每兩年還要定檢一次,一台車含駕駛可以搭載三人,一旦違規,限期不改善,會開罰及要求停駛,這項草案,得到王功漁民的支持。 ==王功漁民 林先生== 常開蚵車在路上 一定多少會發生車禍 (納管)比較好 ==王功漁民 林先生== 收蚵那時候是沒繳稅 (納管)算是說比較有保障 (什麼樣的保障)比較有安全啊 納管後的採蚵車,領照三百元,但是一旦在路上發生事故,也不必擔心二、三十萬的採蚵車,要馬上面臨拆解的命運。 ==彰化漁會總幹事 陳諸讚== 碰到車禍他們就是 反正它是(非法)拼裝車嘛 就是先把它切割掉 碰到事情 至少他們可以保得住說 就是這輛(採蚵)車子 不必被切割掉 不過,納管後的採蚵車,一旦假日兼業載客下海採蚵,也必需考慮「乘坐人數」的限制,否則可能面臨違規裁罰的命運。 記者黃千容 賴世杰 彰化報導