Small Parties Crucial to Council Speaker Election 高雄市正副議長之爭 小黨動向成關鍵

The DPP failed to secure majority in the Kaohsiung city council, which makes the independent and small party councilors extra crucial. 

Huang Chieh, an independent who won the most votes among all Kaohsiung city councilors, confirmed on the 29th that she had attended the meeting held by the Kaohsiung City Council's DPP caucus. She promised to vote for the speaker and deputy speaker candidates proposed by the DPP.

Huang Chieh, Kaohsiung City Councilor (Indep.): “I'm not ruling out joining the DPP. It's just that the timing hasn't really been discussed yet, because there's so much to do right now.”

Huang said that there is no timetable for when to join the DPP. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai also welcomed her to join the party. The DPP won no more than half of the 65 seats in the Kaohsiung City Council this time. At least 33 seats are required to take majority control of the chamber. Therefore, a non-party coalition will be key to victory this time.

Chu Hsin-chiang, Whip, Kaohsiung City Council Indep. Caucus: “The independent coalition takes a level view. We don't have a concrete conclusion yet.”

The independent caucus confirmed that both the KMT and DPP sought support through telephone calls. The caucus still needs to hold a meeting to confirm its decision. After the discussion, they will definitely concentrate their votes on the confirmed nominee. The DPP said its speaker and deputy speaker nominees will be decided through internal negotiations rather than a primary vote or poll. 

Although the KMT failed to win the Tainan mayoral contest, it has narrowed the gap with the DPP in votes. KMT chairperson Eric Chu walked on eggshells at a supporters' party in Tainan.

Eric Chu, Chairperson, KMT: “I haven't been happy for a minute since the election. Our candidates have done their best. But we haven't won yet. We still need to work harder.”

Chu emphasized that there will be two by-elections for legislators and the mayor of Chiayi in the future. He said he will work hard until the last moment so that the KMT can also win these contests.











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