Helicopter Mountain Rescue Captured on Video|山友登三叉山高山症 空勤直升機貼山壁救援

Many mountain rescue missions are complicated by the terrain. Over the Mid-Autumn Festival long weekend, a mountaineer on Sancha Mountain got altitude sickness. A Black Hawk helicopter conducting a rescue training mission nearby was sent to the rescue. The process was captured on video.

At 6 a.m. on Oct. 4, a Black Hawk helicopter undergoing rescue training near Jiaminghu received a report about a mountaineer suffering from altitude sickness at Jiaminghu Cabin Campground. It was sent to rescue the person, who was in a location with a mountain wall on one side and a precipice on the other. The helicopter was unable to land, so it could only approach slowly and hover one meter above the ground. The blades were nearly touching the mountain. The mountaineer then boarded. The entire operation took less than one minute and was captured on video. Other mountaineers praised the pilot's skills.

I think the pilot's skills were excellent. If conditions are not good, then the propellers may hit trees or nearby objects.

The pilot who completed this rescue mission says pilots normally train in mountainous areas and are familiar with the local terrain. The crew on board the helicopter carried out the tasks of observing the surrounding terrain and ensuring flight safety.

Everyone used their judgment. We ensured that the air was clear and there weren't any obstacles before we slowly descended to carry out this rescue.

The pilot said the rescue looked very thrilling because of the filming angle. The helicopter crew was in full control of the situation at all times and the weather was stable, allowing the rescue to go off without a hitch.


嘉明湖山屋管理員 趙聰華表示:「我是覺得開飛機的技術,滿不錯的。如果是狀況不好的話,可能會那個螺旋槳會打到樹上,或是旁邊的東西。」


空勤台東大隊正駕駛 陳文賢表示:「大家用判斷,因為看得到嘛!確定是整個都淨空,沒有障礙的話,才緩慢進場,去做一個這個救援。」