Two Taipei City Councilors Withdraw from NPP|黃郁芬.林穎孟不滿放話文化 宣布退黨

Former New Power Party Chairperson Hsu Yung-ming is currently embroiled in a bribery scandal. Although he has resigned his party leadership, two councilors are unhappy with how the party has handled the aftermath as well as the party's attack culture and have withdrawn from the party.

Former New Power Party Chairperson Hsu Yung-ming's involvement in a bribery scandal has greatly damaged the party's image. Taipei City councilors Meredith Huang and Lin Ying-meng have announced they have withdrawn from the party over its handling of the Hsu case and the long-term attack culture. As a result, there are no longer any NPP councilors on the Taipei City Council.

Lin also revealed that the party's disciplinary committee asked members to sign non-disclosure agreements and promissory notes before discussing the Hsu case. NPP legislative caucus whip Chiu Hsien-chih was forced to offer an explanation.

One member proposed this, but it wasn't followed up. The other members didn't go along with it, so no resolution or implementation was undertaken. That means there wasn't any of this so-called "signing promissory notes" actions.

The New Power Party was founded five years ago. Chiu also said the entire policy committee resigned to show the determination for reform. An election to elect 15 members will be completed in three weeks' time. The committee will focus on a clean politics convention and increasing the transparency of financial affairs. Meanwhile, Huang told the media that the party's attack culture was the last straw that caused her to withdraw.

She also said she was not convinced by NPP Secretary-General Chen Chih-ming's argument that Hsu received bribes in order to pay salaries.

The New Power Party secretary-general came out and personally told party members about this money being used for salaries. I thought the NPP had already staunched the bleeding and was able to hand out salaries before this statement was made, so I think this argument was extremely inappropriate.

I've always had faith in this party's value. Its ideals have not changed. I've upheld this faith in our political actions and work in the legislature and will continue working in this direction.

The NPP currently holds three legislative seats. NPP Legislator Claire Wang said she stands with the party, and the party's young voices are its most valuable asset. She added that what it needs to do now is restructure and move forward.



時代力量立院黨團總召 邱顯智表示:「在這個委員提出之後,完全沒有去這個附和,其他委員完全沒有附和。然後也沒有去形成一個決議,也沒有去做任何的執行,所以也沒有所謂的,去簽本票的這個事情。」


無黨籍台北市議員 黃郁芬表示:「我覺得其實在時代力量秘書長,自己出來跟黨員的這個社團,公開的說什麼,可能是借錢來發薪水。在這個言論出現之前,其實我覺得,時代力量是已經止血了。發黨部工作人員的薪水,我認為,這樣的言論,非常不恰當。」

時代力量立委 王婉諭表示:「對我來說,我始終都相信,這個黨的價值,和它的理想,是沒有變動。那在我們參政、從政的過程,還有在我們立院的工作上,我其實都一直秉持這樣的信念,繼續往這個方向努力。」