A Bland Casing Found in Front of Executive Yuan|道具槍空包彈殼出現政院門前 警方重視

A bullet shell was found outside the front entrance of the Executive Yuan. At around 7 a.m., the members of the sixth security team found a yellow bullet casing on Zhongxiao East Road, in front of the Executive Yuan, and immediately reported the incident. The initial investigation by the police has concluded that it was a blank. The police is targeting on a suspicious van that made an appearance earlier.

Police officers are collecting evidence on Zhongxiao East Road in front of the entrance of the Executive Yuan. Earlier, a member of the sixth security team found a yellow bullet casing on the road. The police is approaching the incident with great care due to its proximity to the Executive Yuan. Premier Su Tseng-chang has also been notified.

I have been notified on the matter. But I don't know the specifics. The police will handle it.
The police has confirmed that no shooting has taken place in the past two days within and around the Executive Yuan. Forensics of have also confirmed that the casing is that of a blank.

The casing is a blank one, which has no projectile or propellant, and can cause no harm. In order to carefully handle the matter, we have set up a special task force within the precinct.

The police said that the Executive Yuan has not received any message of protest or threat. Despite the harmless nature of the blank cartridge, the police is still giving the case its full attention. Based on security footage, they have honed in on a minivan which headed west on the Zhongxiao East road earlier.