Anping-Magong Ferry Resumes Service 安平-馬公麗娜輪復航 白綠牌機車可上船

The Natchan Rera ferry operates direct between Penghu's Magong and Tainan's Anping. This new route started last year but was interrupted by the epidemic. The ferry resumed service on Aug. 31.

With the assistance of the ship's staff, tourists' scooters were transported on the ship one by one, ready to travel to Penghu's Magong. The Natchan Rera ferry resumed service again from Tainan's Anping to Penghu's Magong early on the 31st. The first passengers said the ferry was very convenient.

Tourist: “Cool. Really cool. I think it's a good experience.”

Tourist: “We can go directly from here to Penghu, and not have to go Budai. This is very convenient for Tainan residents.”

The Natchan Rera ferry launched the Anping-Magong route when it resumed its voyage for the second time in April 2021. However, it was suspended again due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. The resumption this time also allowed white and green plate motor vehicles to be checked in as "carry-on luggage."

Kuo Chen-hui, Director, Tourism and Travel Bureau, Tainan City: “Sailing time from Anping to Magong is pretty quick. You can reach Magong safely and smoothly in about two hours.”

Hung Yu-hang, Ferry Operator: “At that time, when we introduced these ships, we hoped to bring these real, foreign tourist ships into Taiwan. They are not like the concept of taking an ordinary, transportation boat.”

At present, the ferry sails every Wednesday and Friday. However, ticket sales were not as expected, due to the expected typhoon this weekend and Anping Port's control restrictions. There is no way to solve the problem of cars boarding the ferry, due to the hinterland issue at Magong Wharf. In the past, Chiayi's Budai and Kaohsiung also had direct ferries to Magong. Now, this new service from Tainan also gives tourists another choice.