Drone Operators in Hualien Face No Testing Site|遙控無人機須考照 花蓮無考場降低考生意願 - 公視新聞網

Drone Operators in Hualien Face No Testing Site|遙控無人機須考照 花蓮無考場降低考生意願

The National Dong Hwa University has become the first drone test site in Hualien. Its first test held was fully booked soon as numerous local drone lovers and operators wished to take the test without leaving the county. The second test will be held in October.

With a remote control in hand, the test taker is operating a drone in a license test. His first task is perform four-direction hovering while maintaining the same height. Moreover, the operator needs to be able to make a 90 degree rotation at a fixed point then fly it according to the designated routes marked on the ground. Drone operators are ecstatic that they don't have to go outside the city for the license test.

I hear from people that in the past, you need to take the license test elsewhere. It is really troublesome for us to go outside the city, not to mention arranging our schedules.

You have to practice before taking the test because it is really hard to stop spinning at four corners, but that is the basic. You need to pass this in order to operate the drones.

With increasing number of drone users in Taiwan, the Civil Aviation Act, starting from March 31 2020, requires drone operators to obtain a license in order to operate drones. However, the lack of a testing site in Hualien means the users must travel outside the city for the test, making it very inconvenient for them and also decreases their willingness to take the test. Now, the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) has made the test convenient for the users by offering the testing site.

There are two parts to the written exam. One is the basic license and another is the professional license. There is another practical testing component to the professional license.

In addition, Hualien is an agricultural county, therefore, emphasis has also been placed on agricultural plant protection drones.

The agricultural drones could, to some degree, replace old farmers or the lack of labors. The market for drones in Taiwan is still in its infantry stage with less than 1,000 of them in practical operation.

According to the NDHU, they are the 12th testing site for written drone licenses exams and the 9th testing site for practical exams for multi-rotor drones under 25 kilograms. Test registration filled up as soon as it opened. The University has applied to the Civil Aviation Administration for a second testing period, which will take place in October.


遙控無人機考生 韋小姐表示:「聽人家講,(以前)都要到外地,其實路途的往返,或是時間上的安排,對我們都有很大的困擾。」

遙控無人機考生 黃先生表示:「一定要練習啊!因為你四面停旋,真的很難。那是基本的,連四面停旋都不會的話,你就不用執業了。」


東華創新研究園區經理 傅廷暐表示:「在學科的部分,有兩個考試類別, 一個叫做普通證、一個叫專業證。在專業證的部分,它的考試就要加考術科。」


無人機業者 劉庭婷表示:「確實在某一個程度上,它可以用來取代老農或是缺工。台灣目前其實在無人機推廣上面,其實還在非常初步的階段,可能還沒有超過一千架,在實際的運用。」