Han Willing to Run for President, Work from Kaohsiung If Elected|韓鬆口願被動徵召參選 若選上高雄辦公

Finally, Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu has admitted that he would be willing to run for president. Previously, whenever asked the big question, he had always refused to comment, but on May 13, he said he would be willing to run, if the Kuomintang asks him to, but he would work from Kaohsiung instead if he is elected.

Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu attended an interpellation at the Kaohsiung City Council on May 14. The previous day, Han gave an interview in which he said for the first time that he would be willing to run for president. He also revealed that he would work from Kaohsiung if elected and would not leave southern Taiwan.

The media informed me that Kaohsiung residents are very worried and would not accept their mayor running off. That is why I want to tell the media that this worry is unfounded. If I am elected president, I'll work from Kaohsiung. I won't leave Kaohsiung.

Han said he made his position clear because the media was concerned that he might be accused of abandoning Kaohsiung residents if he is enlisted to run for president. He added the part about working from Kaohsiung was an attempt to remind the next president to be aware of the long-term imbalance between the north and south. Meanwhile, former Kaohsiung County Magistrate Yang Chiu-hsing, who supported Han in his mayoral campaign, said he is not in favor of Han running for president and would not support him, because to do so would turn him into an accomplice in a fraud ring.

It's a very positive thing for Yang Chiu-hsing to introduce Kaohsiung to Chairperson Terry Gou. With regards to fraud rings, I respect his opinion. I just hope everyone can remain good friends.

Han said he respected Yang's opinion. Several Kaohsiung City councilors from the Democratic Progressive Party and New Power Party also chimed in to make their opposition heard.

He's now trying to placate Kaohsiung residents who might become upset if he runs away. This is 100 percent lying to get votes.

He can't even administrate well. Can he really govern all the people of Taiwan? This is of concern to everyone.

New Power Party Councilor Huang Chieh accused Han of being unfamiliar with the Kaohsiung City Government, and questioned how he would lead the entire population of Taiwan. She added people are smart and even if Han is drafted to run for president, he will still face the test of public opinion.


高雄市長 韓國瑜表示:「新聞界問我,說高雄市民心裡面非常的憂慮,甚至無法接受市長跑了,我就接著這個話,告訴新聞界說,其實高雄市民這個憂慮是多餘的。假設是我韓國瑜,假設我選上總統,我在高雄上班,沒有離開高雄。」


高雄市長 韓國瑜表示:「由楊秋興帶領著郭台銘董事長(認識高雄),這個是非常正面的,至於詐騙集團或等等,這些我都尊重他的說法,我只希望大家能夠繼續當好朋友。」


民進黨高雄市議員 黃文益表示:「他現在是為了要彌平高雄市民,對他可能會落跑的不滿的情緒,這百分之百是為了騙選票。」

時代力量高雄市議員 黃捷表示:「他連市政都沒有辦法顧好,那他真的有辦法顧到全台灣的人民嗎?這也是大家會擔心的。」