Fines Increased for Not Yielding to Pedestrians 不讓行人加重罰新制上路 警加強稽查

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has amended the law and increased fines for vehicles that do not yield to pedestrians. Law enforcement was strengthened on the 31st.

A scooter was pulled over by police after it turned at an intersection without giving way to pedestrians on the crosswalk. You have to give way to pedestrians. 

“You can't ride in between pedestrians. Please let me have a look at your license.”The MOTC amended the law to increase the fine for vehicles not yielding to pedestrians. The fine was increased from the original NT$2,000 or NT$2,800 to NT$3,600. The Taipei City Police Traffic Division was out to enforce the new law on the first day.

Chen He-ming, Director, Traffic Div., Taipei City Police: “Vehicles should give priority to pedestrians who are within three meters of the crosswalk. Three meters is about the width of a car lane or about three crosswalk lines.”

Citizen: “But sometimes, some people walk very slowly, so I don't yield. Yes, yes, really.”

Citizen: “Do you have a lot of experience with the car not yielding? No, the situation is better in Taipei City. It's a lot worse when you are outside of Taipei City.”

According to MOTC statistics, nearly 400 pedestrians died in traffic accidents last year. In addition to amending the law to impose heavier penalties, the MOTC will also work with the Ministry of the Interior to improve the pedestrian environment. 1,218 high-risk intersections are expected to be improved this year, hoping to wash away the notoriety of Taiwan's hellish pedestrian environment. 










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