Taiwan's Wuhan Charter Flights Caused Trouble for China: Ma 馬英九:台灣處理武漢包機 給中國添麻煩

P. Hsu
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Former President Ma Ying-jeou, on the other hand, is visiting China and mentioned the 1992 Consensus many times and praised China's epidemic prevention efforts during the trip.

Ma Ying-jeou, Former President: “The 1992 consensus allows both sides of the strait to shelve disputes and creates a win-win situation.”

Former President Ma Ying-jeou's comments about the 1992 Consensus, while he is currently in China, sparked heated discussions on both sides of the Taiwan Strait again. He met Song Tao, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, on the 30th. He mentioned the 1992 Consensus many times, emphasizing that cross-Strait relations should be resolved peacefully by the two sides. Premier Chen Chien-jen retorted on the 31st, saying that the 1992 Consensus means one country, two systems, which is unacceptable to the Taiwanese people.

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “China has already deemed the 1992 Consensus as meaning One China, which is the PRC. Their interpretation is one country, two systems. I think this is unacceptable to us Taiwanese people.”

Ma also praised China's epidemic prevention, and mentioned that Taiwan's handling of the Wuhan charter flight caused trouble for China. He apologized for this. Premier Chen said that he could not understand why Ma succumbed to China and went along with their PR talking points.

Chen Chien-jen, Premier: “I don't know where his intentions are. I can't understand what he's thinking. What he said is completely far from fact. What is the scientific basis for such a statement?”

Coincidentally, after Ma talked about cross-Strait issues, the Taiwan Affairs Office immediately announced that starting April 1, cross-Strait routes will be exempted from PCR tests. Travelers can just show a negative rapid screening test within 24 hours. DPP legislators criticized Ma for helping to whitewash China's epidemic and becoming a tool of its unification efforts, making Taiwan an international laughing stock.

Chao Tien-lin, Legislator (DPP): “They are trying to implement unification, which the whole world can't accept. And the whitewash of this virus, which was out of control in China. I think the meaning behind Ma's trip there has been a big disappointment. It's all about pushing unification.”

Chen Yu-jen, Legislator (KMT): “About Wuhan charter flights. There was no way for our Taiwanese nationals to return home back directly during that time. At that time, many in the Taiwan Affairs Office helped with this matter. Today, we can't just say that they didn't help.”

Chen said that China's relaxation of borders is a gesture of goodwill. KMT legislator Tseng Ming-chung emphasized that Ma's visit to China will definitely be open and transparent, and defend the ROC's value and status.