President Tsai Receives Global Leadership Award 蔡總統獲頒全球領導力獎 現場發表演說

M. Chuang
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President Tsai Ing-wen is currently in New York and received a global leadership award from the Hudson Institute, with protestors gathering outside to voice their disapproval.

“Will you meet with Pompeo? Which topics will you talk about today?”President Tsai Ing-wen ignores reporters' questions after arriving at her New York hotel on the evening of the 30th Eastern Standard Time. Tsai received a global leadership award from the Hudson Institute during her brief stop in New York. She did not meet with Mike Pompeo, who is currently the chair of the advisory board of the institute's China Center.

Chang Tun-han, Deputy Secretary-General, Presidential Office: “According to the president, China is always intentionally trying to raise tensions but Taiwan always stays calm and collected. The president says Taiwan shows the world that it is the responsible side in cross-Strait relations. She also says Taiwanese people want peace but history tells us that the best way to avoid war is to strengthen yourself.”

The Hudson Institute is one of the U.S.' top five conservative think tanks and has countless former Republican officials on its roster. Protestors against Tsai have shown up in droves along her stops in New York, with New York City police being dispatched to maintain order. One of the founders of the Heritage Foundation, Edwin Feulner, condemned the protest and said Tsai should visit Washington D.C.

Edwin Feulner, Co-founder, Heritage Foundation: “In the United States, we always believe in freedom of speech, but it's too bad that some people around would try to stop freedom of speech. I'm glad we're all here to celebrate her tonight and yes, I hope sometime very soon it will happen in Washington D.C. too.”

National Security Bureau Director Tsai Ming-yen claims the protestors are all Chinese and are being paid US$200 a day. The claim has been shot down by the overseas Chinese community.

Overseas Chinese-American: “The $200 claim is ludicrous. It's such a pitiful story. You want to give me $200?”

Tsai will leave New York for Guatemala on the 31st Taiwan time. On her way back to Taiwan, she will transit in Los Angeles on April 5 and meet with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. According to Reuters, McCarthy will have an entourage of 20-plus members of Congress.




不過這項行程低調謹慎,總統府沒有說明出席人士,也沒有外界猜測的前美國國務卿,現任哈德遜研究所中國中心主席龐佩奧(Michael Pompeo)。