Leofoo Village Theme Park Admits Baboon Was Theirs 六福村承認狒狒從園內脫逃 擬徹查懲處

C. Chuang
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Leofoo Village Theme Park has admitted that the baboon that has been killed after being on the loose for over two weeks escaped from their park.

On March 29, Leofoo Village Theme Park finally came clean and admitted that a baboon which had been running loose in Taoyuan City for two weeks and that was ultimately killed with a gun had escaped from the park. It said it has closed its zoo and will inventory all its animals and examine its facilities, as well as thoroughly investigate related units and supervisors and administer punishment.

Yeh Chung-yueh, Senior Director, Leofoo Village Theme Park: “Our focus now is on the safety and protection of the zoo animals, so we will conduct a thorough investigation. We'll complete this part first.”

The baboon was shot and killed by a hunter. The park previously insisted it would file a lawsuit against the hunter, but refused to answer when asked about it by reporters. Meanwhile, a New Taipei City indigenous hunters association said hunters don't shoot when they feel like it. It also provided a statement saying there were fears that the baboon would attack someone at that moment and it consulted with and got the approval of Leofoo Village Theme Park's vets before shooting. Hsinchu County's Agriculture Department said it will rapidly clarify the circumstances of the case after it receives the park's report, and will investigate and handle the case based on the Wildlife Conservation Act and related laws. It will also invite experts to help examine the escape prevention facilities of outdoor animal enclosures to strengthen their security.

Fan Wan-chao, Director, Agriculture Department, Hsinchu County: “We will conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine if Leofoo Village Theme Park's environment and animal quantity violate any provisions of the Wildlife Conservation Act and Animal Protection Act.”

Liu Hsiu-ching, Senior Specialist, Dept. of Agriculture, Taoyuan City: “The case has entered the judicial process and prosecutors are investigating. There were indeed numerous uncertainties in the entire course of events. In the future, Taoyuan City's Department of Agriculture will provide relevant information to prosecutors for their reference and to help them clarify facts.”

Taoyuan City's Department of Agriculture said it will wait for facts to be clarified before determining what responsibility Leofoo Village Theme Park should bear for this incident.