Taiwan, Czech Republic Sign Memorandums 台捷簽合作備忘錄 與立院簽友好合作聲明

Marketa Pekarova Adamova, the speaker of the Czech Republic's Chamber of Deputies, arrived in Taiwan with a delegation several days ago for a visit. She visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 29, the last day of her visit, where bilateral memorandums of understanding were signed.

Czech Chamber of Deputies Speaker Marketa Pekarova Adamova and Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Wu watched as numerous memorandums of understanding are signed. This was a milestone in the relationship between Taiwan and the Czech Republic.

Joseph Wu, Foreign Affairs Minister: “The speaker's visit to Taiwan has added rich results to Taiwan-Czech exchanges. The two sides are signing three memorandums of understanding, including one for mutual museum exhibitions. They will also show the seven cooperation achievements reached between industry and academia in medical materials, research, and other fields during the past few days.”

The memorandums cover cooperation in culture, education and research, national security, medical treatment, and information security, and show that the determination for bilateral cooperation has deepened. Adamova said this trip has produced rich results and she will continue to defend the two sides' common values.

Marketa Pekarova Adamova, Speaker, Chamber of Deputies, Czech Rep. Parliament: “Although this trip to Taiwan, or what we call our mission to Taiwan, has been fruitful, the battle to support universal values such as democracy, freedom, and human rights is never-ending.”

Adamova and Legislative President You Si-kun then signed a declaration of friendship and cooperation between the Czech Chamber of Deputies and the Legislative Yuan.

You Si-kun, Legislative President: “This declaration shows positive and concrete actions against the axis of evil. I hope the two legislative bodies can set up a platform to promote exchanges.”

This was the first time that the Legislative Yuan had signed an official declaration with a legislative body from a country that isn't a diplomatic ally. You said a legislature is a symbol of the sovereignty of the people of a country, and such declarations demonstrate the importance of solidarity and mutual assistance between free and democratic countries.










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