Taiwan Reported 16 Domestic and Imported Mpox Cases 猴痘疫情擴散 本土+境外移入共16例確診

To date, Taiwan has had 16 confirmed cases of mpox. The CDC emphasized that it will reference practices from other countries and will hold an expert meeting soon.

Mpox is the second statutory communicable disease in the nation. In the past month, there were 10 domestic cases, adding imported cases, which amount to a total of 16 cases. According to current regulations, the infected must quarantine in the hospital until all the lesions have crusted and the scab has fallen off. Recently one patient reported to the media that he was locked inside a single patient room for 40 days and felt isolated and completely helpless.

Du Sih-cheng, Secretary-General, Taiwan Tongzhi (LGBTQ+) Hotline Association: “Quarantine alone brings quite a lot of stress to an individual, both mentally and physically. I believe those of us who have experienced COVID-19 can be related. So if there are care mechanisms in the process, I think it will be better.”

Tongzhi civil groups believe that when the infected is undergoing quarantine, the hospital should proactively care about the patient's mental and physical conditions as well as build care mechanisms. In addition, it also recommends referencing neighboring countries' policies, relaxing quarantine requirements on a case-by-case basis. For example, the quarantine requirement in Singapore is 14 days, plus seven days of monitoring for symptoms via regular phone calls, while in Japan the requirement is self-quarantine for 21 days.

Lo Yi-chun, CDC Deputy Director: “The current locale for quarantine is at hospitals, thus we contemplate whether in the future patients may quarantine at home or engage in autonomous health management. But we must first develop corresponding support measures. ”

The CDC emphasized that they will hold a mpox expert meeting soon to study whether to amend the quarantine period and the place of care. If a confirmed case returns home, he or she must have an independent space and avoid visitors as well as keep a distance with family members. Relevant corresponding measures are in the process of being drawn up.








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