Overpass to Connect Taipei Main and Bus Stations? 北車.轉運站間設天橋? 學者:壓迫行車視線

Metro Taipei has proposed a plan to build an overpass above the Civic Boulevard, connecting Taipei Bus Station and Taipei Main Station. The proposal, however, has generated discussions and debate among citizens, passengers, and city planners.

Some pedestrians ignored the "no crossing" sign on the Civic Boulevard, maneuvering their way to the other side of the road at a busy U-turn. After a few minutes, passengers with luggage also crossed the road illegally. They wanted to go from Taipei Main Station to Taipei Bus Station. At present, they can only use the underground street, which has been criticized in the past. It was once described by the public as a maze. Visitors from outside the city say they often get lost.

Citizen: “I want to walk to the opposite side of the bus station. But after walking around in a circle, I'm still here.”

Citizen: “The signs are quite clear and I'm quite familiar with the streets. So I don't think there is a difference between whether there is a bridge or not.”

The public has different opinions about Metro Taipei's plan to build an overpass connecting Taipei Bus Station and Taipei Main Station. The overpass construction is estimated to cost NT$400 million. It will connect the M2 exit by Taipei Main Station to the R1 exit next to Taipei Bus Station, which is under Civic Boulevard. Landscape architects believe that pedestrian space should be built on the existing road so it will not compress drivers' sight and space.

Hsu Chin-chih, Executive Director, Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architects: “An overpass will be a visual hindrance to pedestrians walking on the Civic Boulevard. It will have a cross-cutting effect on their vision. So this overpass will not blend into the surrounding. I think this is something to think about.”

The Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architects believes that overpasses have multi-functional considerations, such as connecting shopping malls. Metro Taipei responded by saying this project is to coincide with Taipei City's planned development in its western district. Metro Taipei will take opinions from the review committee and make adjustments before submitting its plan for review again. 










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