Man Washes Internal Organs of Fish in Suao Cold Spring 蘇澳阿里史冷泉 男子疑清洗魚內臟惹議

Yilan's Suao is known for its spring water, attracting many travelers come to soak in it. However, recently, an online video went rival, showing a man appeared to be washing fish internal organs near a famous cold spring place, which the authorities say they can do nothing about but to persuade people not to engage in this type of behavior. 

An online video showed a man washing a fish in Suao Alishi Cold Spring and this has triggered a hot debate. Some people believe this is very unhygienic.

Resident: “Of course, it's disconcerting because this cold spring is for people to soak their feet.”

Resident: “That's bad. That's not his back kitchen; one shouldn't wash things in tourist areas.”

Many people visit a cold spring there and residents said the video will hurt their tourism business. Even on weekdays, many people swim in the cold spring or soak their feet there. However, according to information from the Suao Township Office, Alishi Cold Spring used to be the major source of water for local residents back in the days, for washing fruits, vegetables, or clothes. Thus, some older people still maintain this old habit.

Lee Ming-zhe, Suao Town Mayor: “This tailwater in the past, traditionally was for people to wash clothes. Because it's the tail of the water, it would soon be discharged.”

The Suao Township Office said Alishi Cold Spring is deemed a public area. Thus, with respect to elders' habitual behaviors, they cannot force them to change but can only persuade them otherwise. The township office asks the public to be rest assured as cold spring contains free-flowing water, the dirt that's washed into it will flow away quickly and will not remain in the cold spring.









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