Victim Robbed of NT$5 Mln, 4 Suspects Arrested 昨北市銀行外女遭搶500萬 警1小時逮4嫌

P. Hsu
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A major robbery occurred in Taipei City on the 23rd. A woman was sprayed with pepper spray after she stepped out of the bank and was robbed of NT$5 million in cash. The suspects have been arrested and the police said the case requires further investigation to clarify the source of the fund and whether there are masterminds behind the group. 

The black car came to a sudden stop, and a group of men came forward, sprayed pepper spray on the woman, and robbed her of her money outside the bank. The whole process took less than 30 seconds. The men got away with NT$5 million. This robbery took place on the 23rd in Neihu.

The four suspects fled away in a car and were chased by the police. They were eventually arrested in New Taipei City's Shuangxi.

Reporter asked Mr. Chen, the Main Suspect: “Why did you grab the NT$5 million? Is it a dispute with a dummy account? Do you know the victim?”

The 26-year-old main suspect surnamed Chen, confessed to the police that he did not know the victim, but heard she was rich. He found three accomplices and committed the crime because he lacked spending money. According to the police investigation, the four suspects are not documented gang members and had already ambushed outside the bank a few days before committing the crime.

Hsu Pu-jen, Deputy Chief, Neihu Police Precinct: “The suspect started following her from Nangang's Sanchong Road. There are still details to be clarified because the amount robbed is huge. Therefore, the case was transferred to the Shilin District Prosecutors Office on suspicion of robbery.”

The 42-year-old woman surnamed Hsieh first withdrew NT$5 million from Cathay Bank in Taipei's Nangang. The suspects followed her all the way to Neihu's First Bank, where she withdrew a further NT$1.95 million. That's when she was robbed.

Reporter asked Ms. Hsieh, the Victim: “You just came back from the police station. Do you have anything to say?”

The victim left with her lawyer after she finished her police statement. She said she runs a used car dealership, and a large amount of cash was used to buy a car, but police were still suspicious. The woman didn't give a clear response about the car's price and the location of her dealership. Two men in the same car were questioned by prosecutors.

Hsu Pu-jen, Deputy Chief, Neihu Police Precinct: “We will continue to trace the fund flow in our investigation.”

Even though the victim's account has not been flagged for potentially suspicious activity, the police said the case still requires further investigation to clarify the unresolved questions, including the source of funds in the account, and whether there are masterminds behind the group. It has not been ruled out that this is a gang-on-gang crime.