Ma Ying-jeou to Visit China Next Week 馬英九3/27赴中祭祖 並率學子兩岸交流

Former President Ma Ying-jeou will visit China from March 27 to April 7. Apart from a trip to his ancestral hometown, Ma and a group of students will be taking part in a series of cross-Strait exchanges. The Presidential Office says it hopes Ma will demonstrate Taiwan's democratic values during the trip.

Former President Ma Ying-jeou will be visiting China from March 27 to April 7. Apart from visiting his ancestral hometown, Ma and a group of students will be taking part in a cross-Strait exchange. Ma will become the first former ROC president to set foot on the mainland in 74 years. Ma's spokesperson says Ma will not be visiting Beijing on his trip.

Hsiao Hsu-tsen, Executive Director, Ma Ying-jeou Foundation: “Beijing is not on the itinerary. He will be addressed as "Mr. Ma" during the trip. China has assured us that he will be received with respect, courtesy and security.”

Asked if Ma would meet with any PRC officials, Hsiao Hsu-tsen said that was up to China. Ma will fly to Shanghai on March 27 and travel to his hotel in Nanjing via high-speed rail. He will visit Dr. Sun Yat-sen's mausoleum on the 28th and attend a student forum at Wuhan University on the 31st. The following day, Ma will travel to Baishi Township in Xiangtan City to pay his respects at his family's ancestral shrine. His student delegation will visit Hengshan during that time. On the 2nd, the group will attend a student forum at Hunan University before traveling to Chongqing to visit the Chongqing War Museum on the 3rd. On the 5th, the group will tour Shanghai's Yangshan Port. The group will attend another forum at Fudan University on the 6th before returning to Taiwan on the 7th.

Eric Chu, KMT Chair: “I know President Ma will assert the ROC's position and respond to the public and the KMT's expectations.”

Cheng Yun-peng, DPP Legislative Caucus Chief: “We hope former President Ma Ying-jeou will cause any misunderstandings about Taiwan and cross-Strait relations and international credibility during his trip.”

DPP spokesperson Chang Chih-hao, meanwhile, claimed Ma lacked respect for public opinion and national interests by going on this trip and said the DPP found this "deeply regretful." In response, Hsiao said Chinese culture values filial piety and Taiwanese people should be able to understand Ma's desire to live up to his duties as a son and grandson by paying his respects to his ancestors. The Taiwan Affairs Office, meanwhile, released a statement saying it welcomes a visit from Ma.









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