Electricity Price Review Committee Set to Convene 電價審議委員會在即 傳用電大戶優先調漲

Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua reiterated that in addition to considering Taipower's operation, taking care of people's livelihood and stabilizing prices are also the main concerns for her ministry.

The electricity price review committee is about to be convened, which has aroused concern about whether Taipower will raise prices for users above a certain amount of electricity consumption. Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua said in the Legislative Yuan on the 16th that Taipower has proposed a different plan compared to the past, which is in line with the government's policies.

Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “The goal of the electricity price review is for us to make sure we really take care of people's livelihoods and maintain Taipower's stable operation, prices, and other policies. Taipower will prepare relevant proposals which will be deliberated on at the meeting.”

Several versions of new electricity prices were discussed at a pre-meeting working group. This includes price adjustments to residences, businesses, and industries. However, there are also exemption clauses in case of a recession. KMT and DPP legislators are calling for price increases not to stoke inflation on necessities. They are asking for a freeze in electricity prices for households.

Yang Chiung-ying, Legislator (KMT): “Inflation is really serious. Minister Chu of the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics told me he did not include electricity price hikes in the CPI. So Minister, is it possible not to raise prices? So this is the direction? ”
Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “ In addition to ensuring Taipower's stable operation, taking care of people's livelihood and price stability will also be considered. Yes.”

Chen Ming-wen, Legislator (DPP): “We are hoping prices for household electricity consumers below 800 degrees will stay the same. There is no need to raise it, what do you think? ”
Tseng Wen-sheng, Taipower Interim Chairperson: “Because many legislators are suggesting this recently, we will let the review committee consider this matter.”

Wang emphasized that opinions from all walks of life will be taken into consideration. Taipower will propose more proposals for discussion, and the final choice can only be made after discussions by the review committee.











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