Morris Chang Avoids Talking About US CHIPS Act 談美晶片法案 張忠謀避口.盧超群指太嚴格

How will the US CHIPS Act affect Taiwan's TSMC? Founder Morris Chang didn't respond directly. 

TSMC founder Morris Chang attended the book launch on the 16th. The outside world is concerned about how TSMC will respond to the U.S. CHIPS Act that was passed last year. 

Reporter: “Morris, can you comment on if U.S. subsidies are now changing?”

Reporter: “If the Act's conditions are too strict, will the subsidies change?”

Nick Lu, Etron Technology Chairperson: “No, they will just be adjusted. Our industry will adjust accordingly.”
Nick Lu, Etron Technology's chairperson, bluntly said that the U.S. CHIPS Act must be amended. Vice President William Lai believed that TSMC will likely remain in Taiwan amid threats from China.

William Lai, Vice President: “Both Taiwan and TSMC are in a dilemma facing China's military aggression towards our country. I want to emphasize today that I believe TSMC is very determined to stay in Taiwan, the country where it was founded and continues to prosper.”

Lai said that democracy is as important as the supply of water and sunlight to an international, innovative R&D company like TSMC. Without democracy, TSMC cannot continue. In the future, TSMC will not only have to accurately estimate the costs of its American operations to avoid losses, but it also faces political instability in the Taiwan Strait. 





記者問晶片法案條件太嚴苛,是不是補助會生變? 鈺創科技董事長盧超群回應:「不會吧,調整啊,調整,產業界跟各方面調整。」





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