Missing Soldier Under Financial Pressure 赴中上兵欠債多? 藍委:確與財務壓力有關

A soldier surnamed Chen who was stationed on Kinmen's Erdan Island previously went missing and was rescued by China's Coast Guard. KMT Legislator Chen Yu-jen has revealed that Chen doesn't want to return to Taiwan, and she will accompany his family members in visiting him in China next week. According to reports, Chen owed money to legal banks and underground banks.

A soldier surnamed Chen who was stationed on Kinmen's Erdan Island previously went missing and was rescued by China's Coast Guard. He is currently in China. KMT Legislator Chen Yu-jen said China has agreed to allow Chen's family members to come and visit him, and she will accompany them to China on March 20 at the earliest. She also said Chen doesn't want to return to Taiwan. According to an Army report, Chen owned NT$300,000 to four banks and was making monthly repayments. There are also reports that he owed money to underground banks. Chen Yu-jen said his disappearance was related to his debts.

Chen Yu-jen, Legislator (KMT): “This isn't military discipline or an issue of military discipline. It's more likely an issue (of financial problems).”

The legislator confirmed that before Chen went to the seaside at 6 a.m. on March 9, he made a phone call back to Taiwan. An investigation is underway to determine who he called and what was said. There are also rumors that Chen is selling intelligence. Veterans Affairs Minister Feng Shih-kuan doesn't think so, but admitted the timing wasn't good.

Feng Shih-kuan, Veterans Affairs Minister: “What does he know? I went there when I was deputy chief of intelligence and no one asked me anything about our missile deployment or our troop numbers, so what can he do? It's only symbolic, a simple desertion or he could even say he got lost while swimming and swam in the wrong direction.”

There have been several controversies as of late, including missing guns and a lack of meat. Feng believes nothing, including a Nikkei report and Chen's disappearance, is coincidental and is not ruling out a conspiracy behind the scenes.

Feng Shih-kuan, Veterans Affairs Minister: “I think the occurrence of these incidents one after another is not coincidental, which is why I would like to sincerely remind our fellow soldiers to be cautious in your words and actions during this time.”

Meanwhile, legislators expressed concerns over retired high-ranking military officers traveling to China to take part in an anniversary celebration for Whampoa Military Academy, saying this along with Chen's case show that China is manipulating the united front issue and called on the Veterans Affairs Council to set up a contingency mechanism. In response, Feng urged soldiers to be cautious in their words and actions.











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