Registration for Cash Handout Deposit to Start Mar. 22 普發6千現金5方式領取 3/22開放預登記

The Ministry of Finance has announced five ways for people to receive the universal cash handout of NT$6,000. Registration for bank deposits will begin on March 22. 

“I'll take the kids somewhere! ” “I'll buy household essentials and food.”People in Taiwan are already planning how they will spend the NT$6,000 they'll receive in the upcoming universal cash handout. The Ministry of Finance has announced five ways for people to receive the money. They are registering for a direct deposit, ATM withdrawal, post office collection, direct deposit, and household registration-based collection for designated villages. Pre-registration for direct deposit will begin at 8 a.m. on March 22. 

Lee Huai-jen, Deputy Digital Affairs Minister: “In the first five days of March 22 to March 26, we will use a bypass mechanism based on the last digit of your identity card or residence permit number. Registration will be allowed for two numbers a day. We will perform a draw with the Ministry of Finance on March 20 to determine which numbers correspond to which days. This system will remain open for six months, so there is no need to rush to register.”

Registration during the first five days will be based on the last digit of one's identity card or residence permit number. Those eligible to receive the cash handout include citizens, citizens without household registration but with residence permits, foreigners with permanent residency, diplomatic personnel and family members stationed abroad, and foreign spouses. The money will be directly deposited into the bank accounts of those receiving labor pensions and national pensions. In addition, children born before the end of 2023 are also eligible.

Lo Ping-cheng, Acting Spokesperson, Executive Yuan: “Legislative President You will convene cross-party negotiations on this case this afternoon. We hope the party caucuses will reach a consensus and speed up the approval of this post-pandemic special budget. Once the budget is passed, we will use the fastest method possible to hand out the cash.”

The Ministry of Digital Affairs said it will begin transferring the money into accounts five business days after the statutory procedures for the budget are completed and the president declares them in effect.









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