Navy Reports Two Cases of Missing Weapons, Parts 海軍出包 新訓中心手槍疑被掉包成模型槍

The Navy has reported two successive cases of missing weapons and parts. The ROC Navy Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command was the first to report that a .45 caliber handgun at a recruit training center in Pingtung's Longquan was suspected to have been stolen and replaced with a model gun. The 99th Marine Brigade then discovered it was missing two T91 assault rifle actions during an inventory check. The Navy is investigating both cases.

The T91 assault rifle is used by the military. The 99th Marine Brigade discovered during a weapons inventory on March 8 that it was short two actions. The Marine Corps Command said it has already set up an investigatory task force and has informed judicial authorities. Meanwhile, the ROC Navy Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command was conducting training at its recruit training center in Pingtung's Longquan on March 6 and 7. While inspecting training equipment, it discovered that something was off with a .45 caliber handgun and determined it was a model gun. It believes the real gun was stolen.

Colonel Liu Chih-Chen, Political Warfare Director, ROC Navy Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command: “We discovered that there were abnormalities with a gun and components, so we asked expert technicians to conduct an appraisal. They confirmed it was a non-standard .45 caliber gun. We have set up a task force and will conduct a comprehensive review and investigation.”

The Navy said it is trying to trace the handgun. According to reports, the gun was placed inside an ammunition depot after a refresher training course ended in May 2022 and the replica wasn't discovered until this month.

Resident: “I totally disapprove. (Why?) How can this sort of thing even happen?”

Resident: “It doesn't seem likely, because they should be able to differentiate between real and fake during safety checks. If they actually pick it up and touch it, this sort of thing isn't too likely.”

The Navy has reported two incidents within a week's time, leading to concerns about military discipline. The military said it has already set up task forces to investigate both incidents.









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