CWB Forecasts Little Rainfall in Spring 春季偏暖雨少難解旱象 止渴望5月梅雨

The latest weather outlook from the Central Weather Bureau indicates that this year's spring will see warmer temperatures and less rainfall. The drought in the south may not be alleviated until the start of the plum rain season in May.

The Central Weather Bureau's weather outlook for the March to May period indicates that temperatures will be normal to warmer than usual during this time and spring rain will be less than usual. In 2022, southern Taiwan's rainfall was less than 40 percent of the historical average. The weather in the south has been sunny nearly every day as of late, and the water situation remains grim. It's not expected to be alleviated until the start of the plum rain season in May.

Chen Yi-liang, Deputy Director, Weather Forecast Center, CWB: “Based on current forecast information, there will be little rainfall in March and April at the minimum. The chances are highest for little to normal rainfall. As for May, by that time the plum rain season will have already started so the forecast for that time is more uncertain.”

Taiwan could be facing its most severe drought in 30 years. The water level at reservoirs in the central and southern regions continues to plummet. Nantou's Wushe Reservoir is at 22.5 percent capacity, while Tsengwen Reservoir is only at 18.2 percent capacity, which is only sufficient for 20 more days. Baihe Reservoir is at 20.9 percent capacity. Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua says the Chiayi-Tainan Plain will be left fallow during the first rice cultivation and the cultivation of miscellaneous crops on other farmland will be progressively reviewed.

Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “We are closely cooperating and coordinating with the Irrigation Agency on the farming of miscellaneous crops, etc. We will pay attention to related requirements.”

Tainan's water alert level was adjusted to "orange" on March 1, which means the supply of water will be limited and industrial users that consume more than 1,000 cubic meters per month will have to reduce their usage by 10 percent. There won't be any rotating of the water supply before the end of April as efforts continue to ensure a stable water supply in Tainan and Kaohsiung.









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