Many DUIs in Kaohsiung Over 228 Weekend 228連假喝太爽 高雄市查獲164件酒駕

M. Chuang
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Over the four-day 228 long weekend, 164 drivers were cited for DUIs in Kaohsiung. On Feb. 26, Kaohsiung police asked a truck driver who was not wearing a seatbelt to pull over. As he'd been drinking, he fled instead and was apprehended shortly afterward.

“Where's your seatbelt? Come over here.”Around midday on the 26th, a police officer on Nanzih's Dezhong Road noticed the driver of the white truck wasn't wearing a seatbelt. When she asked him to pull over, he stepped on the gas. After a brief car chase, the driver got out of his vehicle and attempted to flee on foot. The officer caught him quickly.

Police Officer: “Are you wanted? Have you been drinking?”

Driver: “ No. I just had an energy drink.”

Tu Ming-tsung, Captain, Jiachang Police Station: “The man, surnamed Yeh, admitted he'd had a drink earlier in the day. He didn't want to get arrested as a repeat offender, he refused to be tested. Even after the officer told him what the consequences would be, he refused. He was therefore arrested and his vehicle was impounded. ”

Apart from refusing a breath alcohol test, the driver did not have a license and was also running red lights. The driver faces up to NT$246,000 in fines: NT$180,000 for refusing a breath alcohol test, NT$6,000-12,000 for driving without a license; NT$6,000-24,000 for reckless driving; NT$10,000-30,000 for refusing to pull over when asked; and getting his vehicle impounded. 

“Blow in here. ”A taxi driver was caught driving under the influence on the 28th. During the four-day long holiday, Kaohsiung reported 164 DUIs or 16 more than the daily average. Police say no one should drink and drive.



「你安全帶咧? 來,旁邊。」駕駛被要求停靠路邊,卻狂踩油門往前衝。高雄加昌派出所員警2月26日中午,在楠梓德中路發現白色貨車的駕駛沒繫安全帶,準備開罰,沒想到駕駛竟然跑給警察追。雙方狂追幾條街後,駕駛棄車逃逸,結果仍不敵警員追緝被逮。