Procession Held to Mark 228 Incident 二二八76週年 民團遊行行經相關地點紀念

The Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Research Institute and the Nylon Cheng Liberty Foundation jointly organized a 228 commemorative procession today. Stops included Tianma Tea House, the site where the incident broke out.

The people at the front of the procession hold a banner saying this activity marks the 76th anniversary of the 228 incident. It took place on Feb. 28 and was organized by civic groups. Participants amassed at Rixin Elementary School. Their core value was "tear down authoritarianism and build a new country." Democracy activist Nylon Cheng's daughter took part and stood at the very front of the procession. She said she was marching for freedom and the future.

Cheng Chu-mei, Nylon Cheng's Daughter: “Today, we are marching for love and public welfare and peace. We are marching in order not to forget. We are marching for freedom and our beliefs. We are also marching for the future.”

Some participants marched with a head of Chiang Kai-shek beheaded from a statue as they bawled that he was the chief culprit.

March Participant: “The real 228 murderer!”

The procession departed the school at 10:30 a.m. The first stop was Tianma Tea House, the site where the incident broke out. The participants placed flowers at the location where contraband cigarettes were confiscated and also at a monument before bowing down to express their grief. 

Li Sheng-hsiung, Lawyer: “I don't think people should have hatred for the perpetrators. They're the ones that need to repent. It's like what Paul said in the Bible, he calls himself the chief of sinners, but he repented so his sins were washed away.”

The procession then went to the former site of the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau's Taipei Office, Taipei Radio Station, and the Executive Yuan, which was the Taiwan Provincial Government Office 76 years ago. On Feb. 28 that year, a crowd of 400 to 500 walked from the train station to this building and soldiers opened fire.












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