War Preparation Operations to Be Included Into Drill: AEC 借鏡烏俄戰爭 原能會:戰爭情境納入演習

Feb. 24 is the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has impacted the country's nuclear power facilities. The Stop Nukes Now Foundation held a press conference near the Presidential Office, calling for more attention to nuclear safety issues. 

The first anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia War arrives on Feb. 24. The Stop Nukes Now Foundation expressed its opposition to the Russian nuclear threat and solidarity with Ukraine at Ketagalan Boulevard. The war highlights that nuclear power plants cannot survive geopolitical conflicts. Russian bombardments have turned Ukrainian nuclear power plants into ticking time bombs. The foundation emphasized that the war has shown that the world must rethink nuclear security issues.

Tsui Su-hsin, Secretary-General, Green Citizens' Action Alliance: “There is no national security without nuclear security. Countries should not take chances. If something goes wrong with Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, it will affect half of Europe. So this actually makes all of us rethink that a nuclear power plant is actually an inappropriate presence in the war.”

The environmental group pointed out that although the Geneva Convention prohibits both parties in a military conflict from attacking nuclear power plants, it is only a convention. The group is concerned that Taiwan may also face the possibility of war. The Third Nuclear Power Plant only carried out fire and disaster relief drills during its safety exercise held last year. There were no specific actions to improve safety protection.

Hsieh Pei-i, Deputy Secretary-General, Environmental Jurists Assoc.: “Their drill doesn't really respond to the public's concern and imagination of how we should guard against hazards from nuclear power plants if war takes place.”

The Atomic Energy Council explained that the design of the nuclear power plant originally considered the impact of related disasters, and the containment body has a considerable degree of protection. In 2022, war was incorporated as a worst-case scenario drill, meaning that large-scale fire would be caused by shelling. Joint defense drills between the power plant's fire brigade and Pingtung County Fire Department were held. In addition, safety protection drills for key infrastructure and war preparation operations were also carried out in the drill.