Lawmakers Pass Post-epidemic Recovery Bill 特別預算案3800億元 預備金編列13億元

Chen Chien-jen held his first conference since being appointed premier on Jan. 31 to discuss the special post-epidemic recovery budget, which includes funding for cash payments, the national health insurance system, and Taipower.

Lawmakers passed the third reading of the special post-epidemic recovery bill on the 21st, with the Executive Yuan and individual Cabinet-level agencies providing details later in the day. 

Chen Chien-jen, ROC Premier: “I hope the legislature will approve our budget as soon as possible so everyone can get their NT$6,000 as soon as possible, especially all the small and medium enterprises, and also mid-to-low income households, and also disadvantaged people, including commuters and people who have student loans and mortgages.”

NT$380 billion of last year's tax surplus will be used for NT$6,000 cash handouts to all citizens, bolster the national health insurance system, and bolster Taipower. The remainder will be used to "make the economy stronger and society more resilient" in the areas of residential living, commuting, helping the disadvantaged, and attracting foreign tourists to Taiwan.     

Chen Chien-jen, ROC Premier: “So, we are also injecting NT$150 billion capital increase and Taiwan power's NT$50 billion, a total of NT$200 billion in expenditures. And then, I hope this plan can help maintain electricity prices at a reasonable level so that consumer prices can stabilize.”

Cheng Wen-tsan, ROC Vice Premier: “We hope the NT$141.7 billion budget for NT$6,000 cash disbursements will clear the legislature today so that we can make the payments as soon as possible. We are also offering many different disbursement methods.”

The Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics said NT$1.3 billion of the NT$380 billion will be used for reserve funds for special projects. No debt will be raised for the special budget.




行政院長陳建仁說:「希望立法院在我們預算案送出以後,能夠盡早通過讓大家早一點領到每個人的六千塊現金,還有讓所有的中小企業,還有中低收入戶 還有弱勢者,包括通勤族、學貸族、房貸族,都能夠得到很好的照顧。」





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